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She resolves anxiety, provides inner peace and strengthens the nerves

Organic passionflower ground
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica

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  • traditional ayurvedic medicinal plant
  • 100% pure natural product without additives
  • organic regenerative cultivation & fair trade
  • gentle drying & fine processing
  • raw food quality
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Passion flower from Costa Rica

Passiflora incarnata contains valuable flavonoids, essential oils, essential fatty acids, glycosides and coumarins

Our Passiflora incarnata is a very special species of the passion flower family. In alternative medicine and Ayurvedic teachings, it has long since made a name for itself as a nutritional supplement due to its pleasantly calming and relaxing effect. In Europe, it was initially noted primarily for its extraordinary beauty, but now more and more people are recognizing its holistic healing powers. Whether as tea or tincture - just like the Native Americans, you too can brew your own individual nightcap! Our passion flower powder is characterized by particularly high purity and quality; from cultivation to grinding to the effect. Through an organic regenerative cultivation process in fruity green Costa Rica, industry pioneer Ric and his team are setting new standards of quality and sustainability in the medicinal plant segment on a global scale. In the midst of beautiful and diverse nature, characterized by immense vitality and biodiversity rarely found in other places, they committed to a worldwide change of consciousness in the name of the co-evolution of man and nature with their strong orientation towards socio-ecological values.

Climbing beauty with great passion

Passiflora incarnata, this is the scientific name of the passion flower species that is used in medicine. Although, unlike its sister, Passiflora edulis, no passion fruit can be harvested from it, its visual appearance is in no way inferior. The climbing vine grows up to 5 m long and forms beautiful purple flowers with dark green glossy leaves. In total, the passion flower family comprises about 530 different species, which can be found in sunny and warm areas of America, Asia and Australia. They are particularly fond of tropical rainforests in Central and South America. Our passion flowers also originate from jungle greenery in the middle of the rich country of Costa Rica.

Because of its beautiful appearance, Passiflora incarnata reached Europe in the 17th century as an ornamental plant. Its healing power was not recognized until many decades later, in the 20th century. The entire above-ground herb of the plant can be used for medicinal purposes, as it contains various significant active ingredients.

The naming of the passion flower is said to be due to Christian missionaries who discovered the crucifixion of Christ in the appearance of the plant. The spines reminded them of the nails, in the cross-shaped filaments they saw the crown of thorns, the 5 stamens were supposed to represent the wounds and the 10 sepals were supposed to stand for the disciples. Another explanation is that the name derives from 'passion', that is, it is due to the passion that consumers may experience due to the aphrodisiac effect of the flower. Whatever the origin of the name, the richness of the plant's powerful inner life is undisputed.

Holistic relaxation for complete regeneration with the passion flower

Passiflora incarnata contains valuable flavonoids (secondary plant compounds such as isovitexin and shaftoside), essential oil, essential fatty acids, glycosides (plant sugars) and coumarins (recognized drug anticoagulant).
Native Americans make use of it as a medicinal plant due to its calming and at the same time minimally euphoric effect. In Europe, too, the plant is often used for relaxing purposes. It can relieve anxiety, provide inner peace and strengthen the nerves. Furthermore, passionflower can improve the quality of sleep, whereby it can be combined with other herbal remedies. In addition to its sedative effect, indigenous tribes also value this plant for its dream-inducing properties, so that they want to induce lucid dreaming (lucid dreaming) by taking it. Suggestions for your own nightcap can be found below. From an Ayurvedic point of view, people who have a particularly pronounced Vata dosha and thus have a tendency to nervous tension and irritability can benefit from the herb in particular. Externally, passionflower offers the potential to relieve tension and cramps, so it can be a great support for abdominal pain and menstrual cramps. It can also provide relief for headaches or back pain that arise. As a natural blood pressure reducer, it is also used by patients with mild hypertension. Due to its holistic relaxing effect, passionflower can also promote regeneration so that symptoms of exhaustion subside quickly in a natural way.

Organic regenerative cultivation in one of THE world's biodiversity hotspots.

We source our passion flowers from Ric's Farm in Costa Rica, near the Pacific coastal town of Uvita. The country is characterized by an incredible fertility and richness, which is reflected in almost endless shades of green and countless species of animals and plants - a Garden of Eden for all botanists and nature lovers.

Driven to create a global movement of positive change and establish new standards of quality in the industry, he and his team are dedicated to the organic regenerative cultivation of diverse precious medicinal plants on approximately 43 hectares of land here. The richness of the soil, the high rainfall rate, and the opportunity to work and learn in an intact and exceedingly vital ecosystem were key drivers for the conscious decision to settle here and establish a farm.

The renunciation of any additives of a chemical nature, the conscious selection of natural cultivation aids as well as the constant thought of the reduction of waste materials characterize the daily thinking and actions of the team. For a long time Ric has been particularly interested in the dynamic relationship between man and the environment and the potential that nature provides for our physical and psychological health as well as for our spiritual (consciousness) development (whether through the observation of natural principles of nature or through the inner experience of psychoactive agents). A matter that he wants to understand more and more through direct experience and pass on through his active initiative in educational projects. You can get more info about Ric and his farm here.

After the medicinal and spice plants are harvested, Ric and his team carefully process them. First, the plant components used (here, the entire herb) enter a processing plant, where they are washed and inspected. Then they enter a cutting machine and are processed into fine powder. After sterilization, the powder is collected in containers and dried before finally undergoing a final quality test and then being released for consumption. The fact that the passion flowers are not heated during the entire production process and that even for the grinding process a cold water cooler is used, all nutrients in the plants can be preserved.

Create your own nightcap

Passionflower can be processed and used to make a tea or tincture. To make a tea, one to two teaspoons of passionflower powder are poured into a cup of hot water and left to steep for about 10 minutes. The liquid is then sieved or filtered so that the tea can be enjoyed in its clear form. Depending on your preference and how you feel, you can drink up to three such cups a day. For long-term use, it is recommended (just like with other medicinal plants) to take a break after 6 weeks and temporarily drink another, similarly effective tea so that the body is weaned again and can benefit from the full effectiveness of passionflower.

To make a tincture, put a little passion flower powder in a glass with a screw top and pour a high-proof alcoholic liquid over it until the powder is completely covered. If the use of alcoholic drinks is undesirable, ordinary table vinegar or apple cider vinegar is also suitable for preservation. The finished mixture is then left to steep for 2 to 6 weeks. The contents are then sieved or filtered and the liquid is poured into a small glass or pipette bottle. 10-50 drops of this tincture can now be taken daily. The intensity of the effect depends entirely on the concentration and can be reduced by diluting with a little water.

Native Americans used to make drinks from Passiflora incarnata for medicinal purposes. When brewing your own nightcap, feel free to get creative and try your hand. Very well suited is the combination with other soothing herbs such as valerian, hops, lemon balm, lavender or ashwagandha, which you can also find in our Online Shop. In addition, you will find numerous other medicinal plants in our assortment, which can be optimally complemented and add a little spice to your drink.

… calm down & lift your spirit!

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Organic passionflower ground
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica
From 32,50 
29,50  /kg
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