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Let us tell you about their magic for your ceremonial cocoa

Bio Tonkabohnen gemahlen
Wildsammlung aus Brasilien

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  • Organic tonka beans from wild harvest in Brazil

  • Beguiling fragrance and unique taste with spicy, vanilla and almond notes.

  • Adds a special, magical touch to your ceremonial cocoa

  • Sustainably and ecologically responsibly grown to preserve nature and flavor

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Organic tonka beans

In your ceremonial cocoa tonka beans unfold all their love and energy

Welcome to the magical world of organic tonka beans from Suyana! These lovely little treasures from Brazil, already ground for you, are a true treasure for our senses. Let us tell you about their magic and their benefits for your ceremonial cacao.

Our organic tonka beans come from the sun-drenched regions of Brazil, where they grow under loving care and respect for nature. Each bean is carefully harvested, dried and ground into a fine powder to ensure that their flavors and magic are preserved.

In your ceremonial cocoa tonka beans unfold all their love and energy. When you open the package, your heart will be filled with a wonderful fragrance that will take you to a world of sensuality. The ground tonka beans add a unique flavor note to your cocoa. Their spicy character is accompanied by a gentle vanilla and almond nuance. Each sip becomes a tender love letter to your senses.

As a company Suyana, we care about offering high quality and sustainable products. Our organic tonka beans from Brazil are a symbol of the diversity and precious gifts of nature. We maintain close partnerships with local farmers and support fair and ecologically responsible agriculture.

Immerse yourself in the loving world of organic tonka beans and enjoy the unique taste they give to your ceremonial cocoa. Feel the love and care we put into each and every product and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of tonka beans. Suyana accompanies you on your culinary journey to pleasure and harmony.

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<b>Bio Tonkabohnen gemahlen</b><br> Wildsammlung aus Brasilien
From 10,00 
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