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You want to taste your way through all our cacao varieties?

Suyanas Explorer Box
Our 4 organic cacao varieties to enjoy


Includes 19% MwSt. 19 % DE
Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days
  • 4 x 250g packages of our rare cacao masses of the highest quality
  • Ideal for ceremonial use
  • diverse taste experiences and special nuances
  • Heart-opening effect with individual accents for every occasion
  • spectrum of effects ranging from deep and intense, to grounding and harmonizing, to energizing, uplifting and inspiring
  • Exclusive sourcing from various cultivation areas worldwide with a high degree of fertility and richness
  • exclusively organically certified cultivation by small farmers and local family businesses
  • High ethical standards and transparency along the entire production chain
  • Fair direct trade & environmentally friendly shipping
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Suyanas Explorer Box

Would you like to taste all our cacao varieties, experience their character for yourself and find out which flavors are best suited for your desired purpose? Then our tasting set is just the right thing for you! You can expect a 250g package (about 6-8 servings) of each of our four high-quality cacao varieties, all of which are ideally suited for ceremonial use. Their experiential differences lie in their appearance, taste and individual effects. Let your heart speak for you and find out which cacao makes your eyes sparkle!

Here you get a short overview of the different varieties. On the individual product page you will find more detailed information about the origin, growing conditions and the special features of the cacao variety. All our products are organically grown and produced under fair conditions. Transparency at all levels ensures that our standards are always met.

Suyana Ceremonial Blend

Suyana Ceremonial Blend is a collection of fine cacao varieties from Juanjuí, Peru. In terms of taste, this variety is characterized by its chocolaty nature, subtle coffee notes and its fruity and earthy highlights. This raw cacao is particularly gentle and mild, making it a loving companion to your ceremony, standing by your side like a good friend.

Flow Cacao

This traditional raw cacao from Tabanan, Bali, is also a gentle character and also has a very inspiring and colorful nature about it. In terms of taste, it convinces with a fruity experience with floral-nutty nuances. The peculiarity of this cacao lies in its inspiring and buoyant nature, which brings you into your flow with ease and joy.



You can find more about cacao ceremonies and us on our Instagram profile:

La Columbiana

This fiery cacao variety is native to Tolima, Colombia. Dynamic, invigorating and passionate - this is the essence of this fine cocoa, which makes it a wonderful companion for dancing and musical occasions. Chocolaty in taste with clear and vibrant nuances. This variety ignites your inner fire, and lets you dance through life in your very own rhythm.


Our Atalya cacao liquor is an original and very deeply medicinal variety from Ucayali, Peru. In terms of taste, it scores with its powerful chocolate flavor with unique spicy aromas. The intense action of this cacao moves your being in depth, so that it can initiate intense processes and perhaps take you into yet unknown spheres to finally provide clarity and harmony.

Suyanas Explorer Box
Our 4 organic cacao varieties to enjoy
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