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Dream big!

Your own cacao product

We support you in the development of your dream product. Let your wishes, ideas and visions merge with our cacao and create your individual product with your own brand.

Spread the power of cocoa

Your Vision, Our Cacao - Create Your Cacao Brand

You want your individual cocoa product with your own branding? We are happy to support you and take care of all the necessary steps, from the procurement and portioning of the desired cacao variety to the design development and filling in the selected packaging.

If you wish, we will be very happy to get creative with you when creating a design. Just let us know about your wishes and previous ideas and then we will work together on a concept that you are happy with. You already have an exact idea of the product design? Just as well! Tell us your ideas as concretely as possible, so that we can implement them in the best possible way.

The final product you receive from us meets all the requirements for food compliant labeling. Accordingly, the nutritional table and necessary information about the production site are printed on each product. In this respect, nothing stands in the way of resale.

It's that simple


Select the product, design the packaging, express your wishes and we'll get to work! In four steps to your dream product.

1. Choose your product

First, you may choose one of our cacao varieties or other products that best suits your needs. You don't know all our cacao varieties yet? Here you can put together your individual tasting package.

2. Choose your packing

Then you get to choose between different packaging options. Our offer includes various sustainable stand-up pouches as well as paper cartons made from recycled materials. You can also choose between different quantities and packaging sizes (100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg).

3. Tell us your wishes & ideas

...and now you can get creative! What wishes & ideas do you have for your product? Here you can upload your concept, for example in the form of a mood board. Afterwards, we will talk personally about the concrete implementation and create a visual product design, so that your wishes can be implemented in the best possible way.

4. Get to the cacao

Once we have finalized a coherent concept together, it's time for us to get to work on the cacao! We carefully pack the cacao in pieces suitable for use in your individually designed packaging and finally send it to your desired delivery address.

Together we create your individual cacao brand

We will be happy to support you and take care of all the necessary steps. Simply contact us directly by phone, write to us by email or via live chat.

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