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Pura Vida Cacao

Pure life force from the heart of the Costa Rican jungle

Pura Vida Cacao


...then participate now in our cooperation with Bruno & his team!

In the midst of the evergreen jungle near the Pacific coast, in a mystical place where an Indian cemetery once stood, Bruno & his team pursue their passion of organic cultivation of outstanding quality cacao. Unruly & wild, colorful & fertile, this is what characterizes the Costa Rican cacao spirit - pure life in abundance.

Ideal geographic and botanical conditions, as well as a holistically conceived and practiced cooperation between man and nature characterize Bruno's project.

As we all know, anticipation is the greatest joy! We would like to invite you to actively participate in our new Pura Vida project. Through your pre-order you directly support Bruno's sustainable cacao cultivation and pave the way of this noble variety to many hearts that may grow and heal through its effect.

Pura Vida Cocoa Pod


One of the only 100% organic cacao in all of Costa Rica


Exclusively organically certified, fair & holistic cultivation

Outstanding stimulating & invigorating

From the depths stimulating, invigorating, dynamic, balancing


Rooted in one of THE biodiversity hotspots of the world


Experience the unique, velvety-nutty and complex-spicy flavor with berry notes


We are strengthening the expansion of cocoa farming in the country with the best biological and social conditions


We support local farmers and create secure and meaningful local jobs.


We contribute to sustainable cocoa cultivation and the survival of diverse plant species.

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Join us on a trip to Bruno's cacao plantation in Costa Rica

When we experienced Bruno's passion and fruits firsthand, we knew:

this is the right place.

Immediately we felt the vibrant energy on his farm

Contrary to our expectations, we had been searching for months for an organically grown cacao in Costa Rica that would meet our quality standards. We were sobered to discover that there was hardly any organic cacao cultivation in the entire country. But our yearning did not go unheeded. When we experienced Bruno's passion and his fruits up close, we knew: this is the right place for us. Immediately, we felt the vibrant energy on his farm - a former Indian cemetery. The roots of the cacao plants thus literally spring from years of indigenous knowledge about the miracle bean. Even then, the indigenous tribe of the BriBris, whose energy is preserved here in the earth, had a special relationship with cacao. How great that now cacao is thriving right here and is allowed to pass on this cultural treasure of wisdom in its fruits. We do not want to miss this opportunity for you and for us!

Pura Vida Cocoa Plantation

His energetic connection to the ancient useful plant of cacao was a very special one from the very beginning.

Instead of pursuing the original idea of building an autonomous jungle condominium, Bruno allowed himself to be guided by his love of cacao as long as 30 years ago. As a result, some 36,000 cacao plants now thrive on his 70ha of land. In addition to cacao, he also sowed the seeds for numerous other plants in the beginning, but his energetic connection to the ancient useful plant of cacao was a very special one from the very beginning. The fact that Bruno's heart beats completely for cacao escapes no one when he loses a thought or a word about it; a sparkling glow shines from his eyes.

In addition to the cultivation of cacao, Bruno ensures the continued existence of many other plants.

Through the cultivation and trade of cacao, Bruno contributes to the creation of local jobs and the social security of the workers. Jobs are basically rare in the south of Costa Rica and the few jobs offered as day laborers do not offer any protection in terms of insurance. In addition to the cultivation of cacao, Bruno also ensures the survival of many other plants. Some of them are threatened with extinction, while others are preserved to maintain a closed ecosystem. For example, care is taken on the farm to ensure that there are enough plants to provide food for pollinating insects and those that control pests. This holistic way of thinking and acting characterizes Bruno's entire cocoa cultivation. Crop protection & fertilizers are made exclusively from organic and primary materials found on the property. To maintain good soil quality and its richness in micronutrients, the soil is always covered with green cuttings and other woody material. But it is not only in ecological terms that Bruno's thinking & acting is characterized by a symbiotic overall understanding. He also understands the team as a closed organism, in which each person and his or her function are considered equal.

Constant plant care, maintaining their maximum health and focusing on the reinforcement & resilience of the cacao plants - these are Bruno's keys to success for healthy crops and a sustainable commendable yield.

Bruno's Pure Vida Cacao is subject to high, consistent requirements and controls for organic certification

In theory, Costa Rica offers the best conditions for the development of truly sustainable cocoa cultivation. Not only is the soil here considered one of the most fertile in the world, but nowhere else in the world is the understanding of organic cultivation taken as seriously as here. The entire cultivation and production of Bruno's cacao is subject to high, consistent requirements and controls for organic certification. In addition, his farm is a best practice example where social infrastructure is also strengthened. In addition, the entire production process is characterized by careful and loving manual labor. Warm-heartedness & passion - this is what gives the fine flavoured cocoa its very special aroma. We are looking forward to working with Bruno & his team. Even more so if you become a part of it.

You have specific questions about Bruno's farm and our cacao cooperation with him? Then feel free to contact us at any time!

The mind is freed by cacao, we open up and let our inner voice speak through the cacao

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