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Suyana takes responsibility

Our sustainability-promise

From the bean to the cup

In addition to our high standards of sustainability, ecological and environmentally friendly cultivation, we place particular emphasis on knowing all production steps and the people involved in them, and on maintaining personal contact with them. We want to be sure that our values are reflected in all our company's activities and that our company is an enrichment for all the people involved and participating in it.

Organic cultivation

Sustainability is very important to us. That is why all our cocoas come from 100% organic cultivation. Instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, only organic and largely self-produced pesticides & fertilizers are used. The farmers take a holistic view of the ecosystem in which the cacao plant is embedded and are committed to maintaining this self-contained system. With this in mind, the cacao is grown in mixed crops with various shade & fruit trees. This allows the plants to benefit from symbiotic interactions. For example, in order to provide an optimal breeding ground for the microorganisms that make the nutrients in the soil available to the cacao plants, the soil is covered with 'dead material' from pruned plants. This layer also serves as a natural soil protector. In return for contributing to nutrient availability, the cocoa plant provides the microorganisms with sugar as an energy supplier, which is produced during photosynthesis. Furthermore, the farms selectively cultivate plants whose flower nectar benefits the insects that pollinate the cocoa plants. All production sites are subject to the requirements of organic farming and are regularly inspected for this.


With every order we receive, we make a financial contribution to support a project in Peru that helps women gain self-confidence, exercise their rights and become socially & financially independent. You can find out more details about the project in the next section.


All our products are free of ingredients of animal origin. Gentle roasting and no Dutching process means that as many of the health-promoting nutrients as possible are retained.


In the spirit of resource conservation and waste reduction, we primarily package and sell our products in bulk containers. The bean-to-bar approach means that all steps from the cultivation of the cacao to the finished cacao mass are carried out at one location. This eliminates the need for multiple repackaging operations and means that there are no emissions for transport between the individual processing steps.


In the mostly structurally weak rural regions where our products are grown, there are often only a small number of jobs, which are also often associated with a high degree of instability and no social security. On the farms with which we cooperate, long-term jobs are created. The workers are offered insurance protection, as we are used to in western societies. In this way, we can help to give the local population more prospects for the future.


We maintain personal contact with all our cooperation partners and are always in close exchange with them. Before signing a contract, we prefer to visit the farms ourselves in order to gain an on-site impression of the cultivation conditions and to make sure that our values are in line with those of our partners.


The bean-to-bar approach makes it possible to ensure transparency across all production steps. All cultivation & production sites are regularly inspected by third parties so that we can ensure that our quality standards and sustainability are met. We offer our customers the greatest possible transparency so that you are also aware of all relevant information and always stay up to date.


By offering ceremonial products we invite you to a mindful and loving approach towards yourself and our environment. The effect of cacao supports the cultivation of inner harmony and peace, which can then be transferred to our own actions. With our thoughts and actions, we see ourselves as an inspiration for conscious corporate management and hope that more and more people and companies will embrace a change in values that is conducive to sustainability.

For us, Suyana means living hope.

That is why we support the women's project Mujeres de Tierras Chimu in Peru with 10% of our sales.
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