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Flow Cacao

Be enchanted by Wayan's extraordinary plantation

Flow Cacao – Bali

Longing for a warm embrace? Come with us to the magnificent landscape of Tabanan & let yourself be enchanted by Wayan's extraordinary plantation while you let yourself be carried away by the softness of our Flow Kakao

Cacao is a challenge for farmers

Wayan is a former agricultural consultant & has been working with local farmers for years before he founded the company. He recognized the basic needs of farmers: fair prices for their produce, a stable income and timely payment. To achieve this, the crucial role of political support in agriculture and the need for businesses to work with the agricultural sector. Cacao is a challenge for farmers as prices are virtually non-existent due to lower quality and long distribution channels. His goal is clear: in Indonesia, one of the largest cacao producing countries in the world, cacao prices are very low. As a result, farmers can barely earn a sufficient income from the beans. Wayan is committed to improving the income of local farmers. He wants to shorten the lengthy process from cultivation to sale and works directly with the surrounding smallholders from Tabanan. Through regular training and further education, he actively supports them in improving their knowledge and processes.

Welcome to the world of Bali cacao: where tradition and innovation go hand in hand

At Wayan's colorful plantation, we experienced an atmosphere of pride and celebration as he told us about the beginnings seven years ago - we arrived on the exact anniversary of his project and a team celebration was coming up. We felt in our first breath his passion & vision to produce a high quality and most importantly fair trade cacao. He reflects the feeling of community & connection and thus enchanted us and made us curious. The location couldn't be better: The precious Tabanan region is known for its agricultural diversity and traditional farming culture. Thanks to its fertile soils and tropical climate, the region is ideally suited for first-class cacao cultivation.

Limited quantities, harvested by hand from small farmers and local family farms

The special cacao plants thrive in mixed cultures, cultivated and harvested by hand by various small farmers and family businesses that are part of one of Bali's few certified organic cacao cooperatives. In order to offer the local population an opportunity to sustainably secure their livelihood, Wayan has made it its mission to source cacao from a large number of individuals. The farmers lovingly plant the Bali cacao in small quantities on their private land and dedicate themselves to harvesting the ripe fruit by hand. Wayan then takes care of the fair distribution of the cacao beans. The close proximity of the fruit to the spiritual rites of the local population and the cultural heritage of the island nourishes this variety in a very special way.

Wayan's vision for an innovative community characterized by traditional culture & modern lifestyles

Tabanan is not only a place of enjoyment, but also of learning and discovery. Local consumers are welcomed with an open heart and the community is involved. The 'Coklat Bali Village' invites you on a journey through the world of chocolate - from the beginnings of cultivation to delicate processing and pure enjoyment. Wayan's project provides an insight into the ancient craft of chocolate making, when machines and hectic pace were still far away. Here, chocolate making is a craft that can be learned and experienced. But the village is more than just chocolate. Cau Chocolats creates a link to the traditions of the chocolate farmers & shares their rituals such as the morning canang ritual. It's about more than growing cacao - it's about conveying the essence of Bali, the connection with nature, the devotion to ancient knowledge and the curiosity for innovation.

Light and airy ceremonial cacao for vitality & joy of life

Flow cacao gives you an uplifting, light sense of well-being. It gently opens the source to your creativity. Nourished by the diversity and fertility of Bali's dreamlike landscape, it invites you on a colorful journey full of inspiration. Like a gentle breeze of light-heartedness, it will sweep through your entire being, providing agility in areas that are stuck and brightening your state of mind. Its enjoyment promises you an all-round harmonious cacao experience. This fine cacao has always been used for ceremonial purposes. Its robustness and dexterity delight the heart of every cacao farmer and are the reason for its widespread popularity.

"We invite you to be a Balinese by experiencing the deep traditions of cacao farming in Bali. Our heart beats for preserving our heritage and embracing the new."

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