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Fly agaric

Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) is a remarkable species of mushroom found in forests across the Northern Hemisphere. It draws attention with its vibrant red caps, often speckled with white dots. But outward appearance is just the tip of the iceberg. The fly agaric contains a complex mixture of compounds, including muscimol and ibotenic acid, which have psychoactive effects.


Amanita Muscaria, powder
From the wild forests of Lithuania

  • 100% natural product, wild origin
  • pleasant velvety-mild mushroom smell
  • for clear direction, self-confidence & inner strength
  • harvested with great care & love by local collectors
  • fair direct trade & environmentally friendly shipping
100% Natural product
EU quality
Inner strength
Fly agaric

Problem of lack of power

Lack of energy is a common condition characterized by physical, mental or emotional exhaustion that can severely affect one’s general well-being…But there is a solution

the solution of the problem

More strength and courage in everyday life! The fly agaric is used in some shamanic practices as a tool to expand consciousness, promote spiritual insights and healing, and find new strength. 


The effects of fly agaric on courage can also vary. Some people report increased courage and a heightened sense of adventure or curiosity, while others may experience anxiety, confusion, or uncertainty. It is important to note that the effects of fly agaric can depend greatly on the person's psychological state and expectations.


The effects of fly agaric on physical and mental strength can vary from person to person. Some people report some weakness or a feeling of relaxation, while others may experience increased energy or restlessness. It is important to emphasize that the physical effects of fly agaric depend greatly on dosage, individual tolerance, and other factors.


Florian Meise

“I experienced the fly agaric in combination with a cacao ceremony and then spent the whole day with an open heart, but still with full focus and high energy. I was also much more motivated than on most other days and was able to implement my goals with complete clarity.”

Fly agaric powder 

Our fly agaric is a real natural phenomenon, as it cannot be tamed or domesticated. It is harvested exclusively from forests where it grows and thrives naturally. Despite all the achievements in science and technology, no one has yet managed to cultivate the Amanita Muscaria under artificial conditions. This fact reflects its wild and authentic character in an almost playful way.


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The dried fly agaric, also known as the lucky mushroom or guru mushroom, is known worldwide due to its striking appearance with bright red color and white spots. There are many myths surrounding the Amanita Muscaria and it is associated with a wide variety of, sometimes even contradictory, meanings. It combines opposites such as luck and danger, life and death and is fascinating due to these contrasts.

The character of Amanita Muscaria is defined above all by its untamed nature. It inspires courage and determination to live one's own self in its most original and unfiltered form. It can be extroverted and loud as well as wild and disorderly. Radical honesty characterizes its nature. Although it is very wise at heart, it is also loving. When used as an incense, it exudes a pleasantly sweet, velvety scent that caresses the senses of the user.

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