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between myth, science & ritual

Cacao ceremony

Find yourself in the cacao ceremony

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Cacao mythology

How Quetzalcoatl brought cacao to the world

Many ancient American myths surround the origins of the cocoa tree and how cocoa or chocolate came into the world. Cocoa comes from “cacahuatl” and can be translated as “cocoa bean”; Chocolate comes from “xocóatl” and means “bitter water”. Both terms are Aztec and come from the Nahuatl language – a language that is still spoken today by approximately 1.5 million people in Central America.

A myth tells how Quetzalcoatl ("luminous tail-feathered serpent"), a deity of the Toltecs, Aztecs and Maya, lost his beloved princess in an enemy attack. She was killed because she did not want to betray to the enemy a treasure that Quetzalcoatl had entrusted to her. Her blood soaked and fertilized the land where she died. Quetzalcoatl gave birth there to the cacao tree, whose fruit was bitter like the suffering his wife had endured for love, strong like the virtue she had shown in adversity, and reddish like the blood she had shed.

A myth that, even on a linguistic level, impressively explains the originally bitter taste of chocolate, the blood-red color of the cocoa fruit and the closeness of Theobrama cacao to the pre-Columbian gods. The myth also tells us about limitless love - beyond death & represented in cocoa.

The spirit is freed by cacao, connects you with your heart and gives space to your inner voice

Cacao ceremony

Find yourself in the cacao ceremony

For thousands of years, the ancient cultures of South America have used cacao ceremoniously to draw closer to the gods, to gain physical and spiritual strength, to shed fears and to find direction in life. The spirit is freed through cocoa, we open ourselves and let our inner voice speak through the cocoa: a voice that guides you on your path and allows you to express yourself in purity & truth and to be who you really are. Just as the myth of Quetzalcoatl and the birth of the cacao tree teaches us: From the bitterness of suffering arises the sweetness of life. In cocoa you will find hope again; you experience gratitude for the beautiful things and events in life. A love for life and yourself; a love that (re)connects you with the universe, wholeness and unity with everything that was, is and will be.

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