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Interview of Eva and Elias

Eva about Elias, Elias about Eva, Eva about Eva, Elias about Elias

We tracked down Eva & Elias in Costa Rica and asked them to share a little about themselves and each other.

Hola! Nice of you to take the time to tell us something about yourselves. But first: What are you actually doing in Costa Rica?

Elias: We went to Costa Rica this year for a longer period of time to be even closer to cacao. Here cacao plays a big role in everyday life, there are many cacao plantations and producers here. Eva & I can learn even more about cacao here, we have become two real cacao researchers! And finally, in Costa Rica, in this beautiful place, we have the time to advance our business foundation and Suyana as a whole.

I would like to start with Eva, who may tell something about Elias. Elias is then welcome to add before we turn the tables and Elias tells something about Eva. This way we should get a balanced picture of you describing yourself and others. Would that be okay?

Eve: Sure! Elias must have been a lively cocoa bean in his previous life. He's such a merciless optimist, a full-power bundle of energy and (she laughs) such a permanently grinning cheerful nature that it's almost unbearable sometimes. No one can resist his passion. On the other hand, Elias is also very enthusiastic. I think it is thanks to his enthusiasm, curiosity and openness that Elias meets so many interesting people all over the world and especially here in South America. There is a constant exchange of knowledge and so Elias is constantly learning - especially about cacao, of course. Knowledge that Elias is happy to pass on again.

Elias: That's right. My life is really all about cacao. I have been working with the power of the miracle bean for several years. After several cacao ceremonies on long journeys through South America, I felt a growing and deep connection to cacao and the cosmology around the bean. All the knowledge of the plant and its fruit, the healing power it holds, all the ancient stories woven around it, indeed the mysticism and divinity of the cacao plant. (He beams and gets a transfigured look on his face.) The whole universe is in a single bean! That is truly magical.

And how did you decide to start a business?

Elias: I started my first cacao company with Elimba, which taught me a lot about starting a business, but most importantly, it has taught thousands of people about the benefits of cacao.

How did you actually get into cacao, Eva?

Eve: Oh, I have come to love the miraculous effects of Mama Cacao through practices of inner contemplation and to appreciate and honor the cacao plant. I have been practicing spiritual work for several years and enjoy combining it with the miracle plant. But even while studying nutritional sciences, I quickly realized that I wanted to combine natural foods with the power of healing, spirituality and lightness. Cacao is where all my interests, hopes and goals come together. This is great! (Eva glows)

Can you elaborate on that again, Eva?

Eve: I can combine my theoretical knowledge of nutrition and food with the practice and lived experience around rituals and ceremonies and develop a holistic approach of healing and spirituality. And as Elias said, there is a whole cosmos around the cocoa bean. My interest in my fellow human beings and desire to serve them plays into it, of course. Perhaps it is a gift - for which I am very grateful - to be able to empathize with people and recognize what they need in order to gain deeper access to themselves; to the person he or she is: a brightly shining spiritual being.

That sounds great! Elias, would you like to describe Eva now?

Elias: I also find that Eva has a special gift, an enchanting attraction. People feel comfortable around her and with her because they can simply be who they are. This certainly has to do with the fact that Eva herself loves her freedom so much. We complement each other perfectly, because her very thoughtful, patient and relaxed manner is a good corrective to my irrepressible lippiness. Eva is incredibly empathetic, can empathize with other people and immediately checks if something is wrong with the other person. She is a real enrichment for many people she meets. For me, too - I know that from my own experience (smile).

Eve: Thank you, Elias! The theme of meeting, mutual enthusiasm, enrichment and inspiration is one that unites us. We are strong in bringing people together and supporting them, inspiring them and taking them further on their journey. In this, cacao helps us as a medium, as a food and healing agent, as the food of the gods. Gracias Mama Cacao.

Thank you very much for the warm and inspiring conversation. Good luck and success with Suyana and have a wonderful time in Costa Rica.

3rd of June, 2022

Sacha Knoche

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