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She is the good friend who whispers into your ear: Do something good for yourself!

Cosy Mosy Box – Limited Edition


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Our Cosy Mosy Box is everything you need for a cozy ceremony just for yourself or with one of your favorite people. She is the good friend who whispers to you to do something good for yourself again. To take time for just yourself; to slow down and simply enjoy.

This is what you will find in our Cosy Mosy Box

  • 1x 500gr Suyana Ceremonial Blend Cacao
  • 1x 15gr spice blend Cosy Spice
  • 2x coconut drinking bowls
  • 1x 10ml CBD oil
  • 1x Palo Santo
  • 1x Lighter

CBD & cocoa - blissful buddies

Both cacao and cannabidiol (CBD) are very ancient cultivated plants, rich in health-significant ingredients. In combination, their modes of action come into their own even more, providing a long-lasting feeling of relaxation and well-being in the ceremony.

Two ingredients contained in cocoa are primarily responsible for this: theobromine and anandamide. Theobromine is a substance that has a gentle but long-lasting stimulating effect. Anandamide, the so-called bliss molecule, has a relaxing and mood-lifting effect. And now the ceremony gets really interesting! While the anandamide output is promoted by the theobromine contained, the added CBD ensures that this substance is broken down more slowly. Beyond the known effects of CBD such as a physical and mental balance, the harmonious-cuddly state can thus not only be intensified, but also prolonged.

70 in stock

70 in stock

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Your cozy self-care ritual

Cosy Mosy Box

We - that's Monique, Rocco, Eva & Elias - would like to invite you to a cuddly date with yourself or a friend.

We already met at a festival last year over a shared cacao. About a year later, we met again at the same place. Four friends, two young companies and one vision: to make the powerful and healing world of miracle plants better known and accessible to many people. So it was no longer a question, a Lebemann Suyana box had to be made!

Sustainability, originality and transparency - core values that the four of us all hold dear and form the foundation of our collaboration. We love to enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest. With our Cosy Mosy Box, we want you to share in this passion.

This is how you use the Cosy Mosy Box

Break 30g of the cacao into small pieces and melt it in 250 ml of liquid (veggie milk alternative or water) under low heat (maximum 65°C) and constant stirring (by hand or in a milk frother).

Carefully add 3-10 drops of the CBD oil and ¼ tsp of the Cosy Spice Blend and mix well until you get a uniformly velvety cocoa elixir. Now pour your finished drink into the bowl(s).

Light the Palo Santo wood using the enclosed lighter and let the flame burn for 30-60 seconds. Then shake the wood carefully so that the flame goes out. Now you can smudge yourself and also embrace your cacao with the soothing, harmonizing smoke.

1x Ceremonial Blend Cacao

1x Cosy Spice Blend

2x coconut drinking bowls

1x 10ml CBD oil

1x Palo Santo

1x Lighter

The Lebemänner

Two adventurous and unbiased van dwellers on the road - that's us, Monique and Rocco, the Livermen. We love nature and its diverse range of medicinal plants. We are especially fond of the cannabis plant. With our company Lebemann Flowers we have specialized in the trade of natural and untreated CBD products of distinctly high quality. For unique moments of pleasure, we have a particularly high quality standard for all our products and select them with great care. With our CBD oils we want to make it easier for you to get into a relaxed state of ease and well-being.


We, that's Eva and Elias, are two fun-loving and curious globetrotters. Our heart beats for traveling to extraordinary places - outside as well as inside. Independently of each other we made experiences with traditional rituals and ceremonies in Latin America, which showed us a deeper access to ourselves and our spirituality. Full of gratitude we would like to pass on the essence of our healing experiences; hope - that is the great driving force behind our company with the same name. Suyana. We want to support people in (re)discovering their very own life and creative power and live out their full potential. With Ceremony Cocoa and other medicinal plants we offer tools for a mindful and loving approach to ourselves and our environment.

Cosy Mosy Box - Limited Edition
70 in stock
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