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Sustainably extracted resin of wild dragon blood trees

Dragon blood
(Sangre de Drago) from Rio Napo, Ecuador

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  • 100% pure, undiluted resin of the dragon's blood tree
  • from sustainable wild collection (no felling of trees)
  • hand harvesting according to the method of the indigenous Quechua from Ecuador
  • fair trade & direct purchase
  • very high OPC content (>90%)
  • versatile applications
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Dragon blood

(Sangre de Drago) from Rio Napo, Ecuador

Sangre de Drago, or Sangre de Grado, has long been a traditional remedy of indigenous people of South America. It is the sap of the dragon's blood tree (Croton Lechleri), which is said to have numerous healing properties. It is particularly known for its strong anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects. For a long time, this natural product was considered controversial, as ruthless harvesting methods and the felling of numerous trees were accepted for its production. Suyana's Sangre de Drago is sourced directly from the indigenous Quechua people of Ecuador, who harvest the tree resin by hand using traditional methods. Instead of felling trees, an appropriate amount of resin is tapped from trees growing in the wild, so that they are not harmed and a sustainable supply is ensured. The relatively high purchase prices paid to the local population benefit natural development projects, such as the construction of a well. Suyana's Sangre de Drago is of absolute purity and has an enormously high OPC content of over 90%, offering many health benefits.

Wild collection with gentle extraction according to Quechua tradition

The dragon's blood tree is native to the northern Amazon region of South America. Its well-known name there, 'Sangre de Drago', translates as 'dragon's blood'. This name refers to the blood-red elixir of life inside the tree. If you scratch the bark of the tree, a slightly foamy sap in a dark red hue comes out. The tree itself visually resembles an oversized mushroom with heart-shaped leaves and impressive flowers in amber-red color.

In the past, the trees were often felled and then cut to extract the dragon's blood, allowing the tree resin to run into large vats. Since such a procedure was repeatedly discredited due to a lack of sustainability and was strongly criticized by environmentalists, local governments have now largely curbed this overexploitation. However, sustainable sourcing and gentle extraction are not yet a matter of course on the market for this product. Even today, there are still monoculture plantations of dragon's blood trees. For these reasons, we have paid special attention to the local circumstances and the procedure of extraction.

Suyana's Dragon's Blood comes from a sustainable wild collection from Rio Napo in Ecuador, a region on the edge of the Amazon jungle. In a gentle way, members of a local initiative collect the tree resin from trees growing wild at an altitude of over 1000m, far away from contamination by industrial agriculture, roads or industrial areas. For the extraction of our dragon blood, the trees are only minimally scratched in the traditional way in the shape of a 'V'. A small container is then hung under the cut so that the escaping liquid is collected without loss. In order to give the tree sufficient regeneration time until the next tapping, the cut is closed using natural means and the tree is marked. This procedure ensures respectful and gentle handling as well as long-term preservation of the trees.

Fair compensation of the local collectors, which is above 30% of the regional market price, not only promotes sustainable extraction, but also supports local development projects of the Quechua members. These projects are initiated by the local inhabitants themselves, so that they are independent from external influences and the western understanding of significant development steps. One of the last projects, for example, was the construction of a well.

Highest quality and purity

Conventional dragon blood is often diluted with alcohol. Suyana's Sangre de Drago is a high-quality, 100% pure natural product without any carrier material or additives. Small tip: You can also easily perform the quality test yourself by rubbing the juice between your fingers. If a slightly milky foam develops, your dragon's blood has passed the quality test.

Another special feature of our dragon's blood is the enormously high OPC content of over 90%. OPC stands for oligomeric proanthocyanidins, a substance found in plants, which can be assigned to the polyphenols (secondary plant substance). OPC is often known through grape seed extract, in which it is contained in high amounts. The proportion in dragon's blood, however, exceeds this amount again considerably. The plant substance has a high antioxidant effect and provides many health benefits. The purity of our dragon's blood allows all the active ingredients to develop their full power.

Valuable component of any natural medicine cabinet

The use of dragon's blood by indigenous people of South America is very diverse. As incense it has a very purifying effect and is used in sacrificial ceremonies.

Furthermore, Sangre de Drago is used by the indigenous peoples of Ecuador as a versatile remedy both internally and externally. It has a very high density of active ingredients. 40 in number have already been extracted. These include flavonoids, terpenoids, alkaloids, steroids and phenols. Dragon blood is also a proven remedy in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Externally, it is primarily used for wound healing purposes. Just a few drops of the resin are enough for a very thin film to form on a wound. It dries quickly and can thus act as a natural protection like a kind of plaster, protecting against dirt and pathogens. The healing processes of the skin are favored and the formation of new skin cells is stimulated. Thus, it can be used for cuts, scars, burns and stitches. It is also said to be a very effective remedy for skin diseases. In the beauty industry, it is also added to creams and tinctures as a supporting ingredient for skin care and rejuvenation. Furthermore, the red juice can be used in combination with other medicinal plants as a peeling to care for and soothe the skin.

Another option is to make use of dragon's blood through a sitz bath. This method can be useful both after childbirth and for the treatment of intimate inflammation.

In addition, the antibacterial and antiviral tree resin mixed with a little water is said to be able to relieve gingivitis, promote the healing of inflammatory ulcers and prevent tooth decay.

For internal use is recommended to take 1-3 times a day about 10 drops with a glass of warm water. The spectrum of action here is very wide. It is used as a remedy for inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases and ulcers, as well as digestive disorders and respiratory diseases. As one of the strongest naturally occurring antioxidants, the active ingredient OPC provides strengthening of the vascular walls. Besides cell protection, it may further have a positive effect on eye health. It is also said to have a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system. As a scavenger of free radicals, OPC is an excellent supplement for detoxification. It also increases the bioavailability of calcium, so it can help improve bone density. Furthermore, dragon's blood has a detoxifying effect on the liver and other organs, which can be particularly significant after heavy medication. The combination of dragon blood and mugwort is also said to act like a natural antibiotic. According to TCM, dragon blood is even said to help against hepatitis A and B. Due to the ingredient taspin, Sangre de Drago is also used in its homeland as a remedy against cancer.

Due to the strong coloration, contact with clothing should be avoided. For optimal storage, keep your vial upright and protected from light in a cool place.

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Dragon blood
(Sangre de Drago) from Rio Napo, Ecuador
From 21,50 
268,75  /kg
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