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Playful in its seductive variety, it awakens your inner child and accompanies you in your individual cocoa dance.

Arjuna's Island Blend
Trinitario cocoa from the Sambirano Valley
- Limited edition

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Includes 19% MwSt. 19 % DE
  • Fine Grand Cru cocoa from the Criollo bean “Casse Claire” & Trinitario
  • from the Sambirano Valley, surrounded by a diverse flora
  • natural, gentle & playful
  • soft heart opener for the inner child
  • nutty-chocolatey taste with a hint of forest fruit
  • Production chain 100% in the country of origin
  • Cultivation in sustainable agroforestry systems
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Our playful Arjunas Island Blend

from the Sambirano Valley, Madagascar

Our exquisite Arjuna cocoa thrives in the picturesque Sambirano Valley in the shade of the lush rainforest, surrounded by colorful plants and framed by fascinating waterfalls. Our fine cocoa seduces with a fine, fruity taste that combines gentle nuances of berries, citrus fruits and cherries and invites you to a sensory-expanding experience. In a sustainable agroforestry system, small farmers cultivate the special cocoa, which is then processed into high-quality cocoa mass. Experience an aromatic journey with our Madagascan fine cocoa that is characterized by its origin and naturalness - experience the diverse essence of Madagascar in your ceremony.
Basic recipe for your cocoa

Recipe for 1 cup

  • 35g ceremonial raw cocoa
    *(If you have little experience with cocoa, use less to begin with.)
  • ½ cup plant milk (I recommend oat milk)
  • 10-15g (2-4 tsp) coconut blossom sugar (Raw cane sugar or date sugar also work)
  • A pinch of vanilla
  • A pinch of chili
  • A pinch of salt


  1. If you have a cocoa block, chop your portion with a large knife.
  2. Fill your cup (250 – 350ml) half with water and half with plant milk. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and heat on a low heat.
  3. Add the raw cacao, sweetener and spices.
  4. Stir or froth the cocoa to dissolve the cocoa.
  5. Taste and see if you want more sugar or spices.
  6. Make sure the mixture does not boil – this would cause nutrients to be lost. 
  7. When the cocoa has dissolved it is ready to enjoy
Landscape in Madagascar

Exotic cocoa treasure

Let yourself drift into the heart of Madagascar, where you can discover the fascinating world of our exquisite Arjuna Island Blend. This colorful island in the Indian Ocean, characterized by its biodiversity with numerous endemic plant and animal species, hides a treasure as rare and precious as a sparkling starry sky. Only 0.1% of global production comes from this precious commodity, which is not just a delicacy, but a rare treasure. More than 2000 hectares of cocoa plantations stretch across the wild rainforests along the northwest coast of Mava and the east coast of Vohibinany, where the green canopy paves the way for something magical to grow. In the picturesque Sambirano Valley, our exquisite Arjuna cocoa thrives in the shade of the lush rainforest, surrounded by colorful plants and framed by fascinating waterfalls. The river, which flows from the majestic foothills of the Tsaratanana massif, joins the Ramena River south of Ambanja in an enchanting symphony. The natural basin embraces the region's cocoa fertility, like a protective hand guarding this gift of nature.

A harmony of sustainability – from the tree to the ceremonial cocoa

Our Arjuna Island Blend is so special because the entire value chain, from the tree to the tempting ceremonial cocoa, is created in the country of origin. This is where a sustainable vision unfolds that is in harmony with nature and the islanders. On the cocoa plantations, around 1200 passionate cocoa farmers work hand in hand to cultivate the delicious fine cocoa beans in an agroforestry system. There are no monocultures, but a symphony of flavors, as the cocoa is surrounded by natural shade, which positively influences the unique aroma. And all of this without the use of pesticides - our Arjuna cocoa is only fertilized with rotted plants. Our farmers are the heart of this journey, they are regularly trained and supported to ensure that every cocoa moment is perfect. With advisors at their side and tools provided, they put their passion into every phase of the process. Experience with us the combination of sustainable cultivation, craftsmanship and a pinch of magic that makes our Arjuna's Island Blend an unforgettable ceremony.

Your Inner Child Spirit

Arjuna's Island Blend is a soft and creamy cocoa filled with love that lets your versatility and playfulness blossom and makes your inner child laugh. Here the spirit of the lemurs unfolds, full of humor and lightness, and you feel the diversity of life like the unique biodiversity in Madagascar. Let yourself be carried away by a fine, fruity taste of nuts, wild fruits and chocolate and awaken the exotic flavor mixture of Madagascar on your tongue. The powerful effect enchants body and soul. Discover the sweet connection of fertility and love in your cup and envelop yourself with fulfillment. If you are looking for creativity and inspiration, Arjuna's Island Blend is a wonderful tool to activate your creative power and let art flow. The light reddish-brown color, a treasure of nature, comes from the unique Criollo "Casse Claire" cocoa beans. Unique in origin, traceable in origin, ethical, fair, organic and natural. Every sip tells the story of an island, its fertility and the art of creating a freedom-loving experience from ceremonial cocoa.

This cocoa is a perfect companion to tune into an Ecstatic Dance or if you want to unfold freely in your own ceremony and give life to your inner child.

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