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Bacopa Monnieri from Costa Rica In Ayurveda, the Bacopa plant is considered to rejuvenate vitality and slow down aging.

Bacopa Monnieri
– from Costa Rica

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  • Traditional Ayurvedic medicinal plant

  • Rich in bioactive compounds

  • Promotes the health of the nervous system

  • 100% pure natural product without additives 

  • Organic regenerative farming & fair trade 

  • Not “heated”

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Bacopa Monnieri from Costa Rica

In Ayurveda, the Bacopa plant is considered to rejuvenate vitality and slow down aging.

Bacopa monnieri, also known as Bacopa or Brahmi, is an herbaceous plant native to moist and swampy areas in various parts of the world. This plant has a long history of use in traditional medicine, with Bacopa having long been used in Ayurvedic medicine in particular for its ability to improve cognitive functions. Bacopa is believed to boost memory, improve learning skills, and promote mental clarity.

Suyana's organic bacopa powder comes from controlled organic regenerative cultivation and has been carefully processed to preserve the first-class nutrient profile with a variety of valuable ingredients. Our organic bacopa powder impresses with a variety of positive properties that make it a unique dietary supplement. 

Bacopa belongs to the Plantain family. A delicate, creeping plant with succulent leaves and small, delicate flowers, it thrives along water bodies, in swampy areas and other moist environments that promote its optimal growth. However, the deep green foliage and inconspicuous flowers hide the true potential of this plant. Due to its adaptogenic properties and its historical use in various healing practices, it is highly valued in many fields. It is also known in botany for its pretty, small flowers and round leaves that often form a carpet when growing in the wild.


Organic regenerative farming in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots

We source our organic Bacopa powder from Ric's farm in Costa Rica, near the Pacific coastal town of Uvita. The country is characterized by incredible fertility and abundance, which is reflected in endless shades of green and countless species of animals and plants - a Garden of Eden for all botanists and nature lovers. Driven by the desire to create a global movement for positive change and establish new quality standards in the industry, he and his team are dedicated to the organic, regenerative cultivation of various precious medicinal plants on around 300 hectares of land. The richness of the soil, the high rainfall rate and the opportunity to work and learn in an intact and extremely vital ecosystem were key drivers for the conscious decision to settle here and build a farm.

The avoidance of any chemical additives, the conscious selection of natural cultivation aids and the constant thought of reducing waste materials characterize the daily thoughts and actions of the team. Ric has long been particularly interested in the dynamic relationship between humans and the environment and the potential that nature offers us for both our physical and mental health and our spiritual (consciousness) development (be it through the observation of natural principles of nature or through the inner experience of psychoactive substances). A subject that he wants to understand more and more through direct experience and pass on through his active initiative in educational projects. You can find out more about Ric and his farm here.

After the medicinal and aromatic plants have been harvested, Ric and his team carefully process them. First, the plant parts used are sent to a processing plant where they are washed and inspected. They then go into a cutting machine and are processed into a fine powder. After sterilization, the powder is collected in containers and dried before it undergoes a final quality test and is then released for consumption. Because the Bacopa is not heated during the entire production process and a cold water cooler is used even for the grinding process, all of the nutrients in the plant can be retained.


Powerful essence for cognitive health and inner balance

Bacopa is a fascinating plant that impresses with its diverse bioactive compounds with potential benefits for cognitive health and the nervous system. The leaves of this plant are rich in various amino acids, betulinic acid - which has anti-inflammatory properties - as well as flavonoids and bacosides. These key active compounds are largely responsible for the numerous potential health benefits of Bacopa.

In many cultures, Bacopa powder is said to be designed to support the body in various aspects. It helps to better adapt to stressful situations, promotes nervous system health, and helps slow the aging process. Bacopa can improve cognitive performance, strengthen memory function, and promote general mental clarity. It is also said to help reduce inflammation and promote a healthy immune system.

The potential health benefits of Bacopa make it a valuable addition to a holistic and balanced lifestyle. Our organic Bacopa powder is carefully crafted to preserve the purity and potency of this exceptional plant and provide you with the best possible health benefits.


Recommendation for use  

Bacopa is fat-soluble, so you can combine it with a small amount of healthy fat to increase bioavailability. This can be achieved by adding oil to a smoothie or mixing it with yogurt. The idea is that Bacopa's fat-soluble compounds can be absorbed more efficiently by the body when consumed with fat.

Enjoy Bacopa as a tea: Making herbal tea from Bacopa powder offers you special benefits in terms of promoting your cognitive health and reducing stress. Use 1 teaspoon of our organic Bacopa powder and pour hot water over it. Let it steep for a moment and sweeten with honey or lemon juice if necessary. This method allows you to enjoy the relaxing and potentially cognitive-enhancing effects of Bacopa in the form of a delicious herbal tea.

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Bacopa Monnieri
- from Costa Rica
From 32,50 
29,00  /kg
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