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Discover the essence of life in every cup – Our Costa Rica cocoa bowls

Cocoa beans
– Organic cocoa shells from Costa Rica

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34,50  /kg

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  • Origin and use as a by-product in the production of cocoa products

  • Rich flavors and natural oils for a subtle cocoa taste

  • Use in ceremonies for rejuvenating and relaxing effects

  • Theobromine and antioxidants for calming properties and serenity

  • Various preparation options for tea or chai with the cocoa shells

  • Bruno's committed cocoa plantation that creates jobs and provides social security

  • Support a great project with a focus on organic farming and quality

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Cascara de cacao – organic cocoa shells from Costa Rica 

Discover the essence of life in every cup – Our Costa Rica cocoa bowls

Discover the magic of our Pura Vida Cacao, cultivated in the lush jungle near Costa Rica's Pacific coast, in a mystical place where an Indian cemetery once rested, by Bruno and his passionate team with a deep commitment to organic farming and high-quality cacao. Costa Rican cacao has a distinctive spirit, characterized by its unbridled wildness, its colorful diversity and its fertile nature - it embodies pure life in all its glory.

Each cocoa bean is covered in a shell. If you let these cocoa shells steep in hot water, an incredibly delicious tea is created. The tea has deep chocolatey, nutty and slightly fruity aromas and is the perfect base for a chocolate chai. The cocoa shells attract heavy metals and pesticides particularly strongly. This is why only the cocoa shells from particularly neat and sustainable cocoa projects are approved as food. This is why we are particularly proud of our delicious cocoa shells from Costa Rica.

The use of cocoa shells in ceremonies or rituals far because they can have a rejuvenating and relaxing effect. The ingredients of the peels contain theobromine and antioxidants, which can have a calming effect and promote a feeling of serenity.


To make cocoa shell tea or chai, you need the dried shells. These can be brewed alone or in combination with other spices such as cinnamon, cloves or ginger. A common preparation method is to boil the shells in water for about 10-15 minutes to release the aromas. The tea can then be poured through a sieve and sweetened as desired.

Tea/Chai preparation ideas with cocoa shells:

  • Cocoa shell tea: Boil a handful of cocoa shells in water and let them steep for 10 minutes. Then strain and enjoy.
  • Spiced Cocoa Chai: Boil cocoa shells with cinnamon sticks, cloves and a pinch of ginger for a more intense, aromatic cup. Add milk or milk substitute and sweetener if needed.

The cocoa shells offer a wonderful way to enjoy the rich flavors of cocoa in a new way while benefiting from their soothing properties.

Experience our Suyana (medicinal) plants

Cocoa beans
- Organic cocoa shells from Costa Rica
From 41,50 
34,50  /kg
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