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Shamans use this sacred tobacco to connect with the great spirit, also called 'Yushibu energy'.

Suyana's Rapé Set


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  • Rapé set of 3 x 5g traditional and high quality blends of the indigenous Huni Kuin tribe of Brazil.

  • Ideal for ceremonial use
  • 100% natural product without harmful additives
  • Contains mild and indigenous farmer tobacco
  • Spectrum of effects from deeply clarifying, grounding and relaxing to energizing and inspiring
  • High ethical standards and transparency along the entire production chain
  • Maintaining native culture in the area of origin with the indigenous tribes.
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Tsunu - for mental clarity
Caneleiro - opens the heart
Murici - be in the here & now

Rapé set of 3 traditional blends of the indigenous Huni Kuin tribe of Brazil.

You want to taste your way through all our Rapé varieties, experience their character yourself and find out which Rapé works how? Then our Rape tasting set just the right thing for you! You can expect each 5g glass vials of our three high-quality Rapés, all of which are ideal for ceremonial use. All three varieties contain pure tobacco, which is mixed with various other medicinal plants.

Here you get a short overview of the individual varieties. On the respective product page you will also find detailed information about the respective plants, effect spectra and the special features of our Rapés. All our products are produced under fair conditions. Transparency at all levels ensures that our standards are always met.

Tsunu - for mental clarity

Tsunu Rapé contains a small amount of tobacco and promotes carefree thoughts. It is said to help relieve negative tension in the head area by opening the mind and activating healing energy. By clearing and relaxing the mental and spiritual levels, it brings focus and clarity.

Caneleiro - opens the heart

Caneleiro is known for a higher tobacco content and is described as a rapé of the heart. It is believed to help with emotional issues, providing a sense of well-being. This rapé works primarily in the chest area, where it can counteract breathing problems and coughing.

Murici - being in the here & now

Murici has a relatively high tobacco content and helps to be in the moment, relax and ground. It is said to have a positive effect on concentration and help against fatigue. Murici also has a healing effect on problems with bones as well as muscle relaxation. At the same time, this mixture works especially in the lower part of the body and supports the digestive tract.

Rapé set for your ceremony
Suyana's Rapé Set
Suyana's Rapé Set
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