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White sage cleanses, palo santo invites well-being and relaxation

Suyana's smoking bundle


Includes 19% MwSt. 19 % DE
0.21kg (152,38  / 1 kg)
Delivery time: approx. 2-3 working days
  • 4 x White sage incense bundles and 15 x Palo Santo woods

  • Ideal for energetic cleansing and harmonization in a ritual context and in everyday life
  • Strong smoke
  • Long-lasting & balanced intense fragrance with special nuances
  • Heart-opening effect with individual accents for every occasion
  • Exclusive sourcing from various cultivation areas worldwide with a high degree of fertility and richness
  • Cultivation by smallholders and local family farms
  • High ethical standards and transparency along the entire production chain
  • Fair direct trade & environmentally friendly shipping
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White sage and palo santo

A matching duo that harmonize perfectly with each other in the smoking process

With our Suyana incense bundle you can directly experience two of our incenses at once. White Sage and Palo Santo harmonize perfectly with each other in the incense process - a more fitting duo can hardly be found. After the White Sage cleanses the room and us energetically on all levels, Palo Santo invites well-being, relaxation and serenity.

A package of 4 White Sage incense bundles and 15 Palo Santo woods awaits you, just waiting to be lit by you.

Here you get a short overview of our incense. On the respective product page you will also find detailed information about origin, growing conditions and the special features of the two plants.

White sage incense bundle

The enormous power, the resinous yet delicate aroma and the original-traditional history of this White sage have directly captivated us. On a mental level, White Sage has a clarifying effect; it helps you focus on what's important. Its protective, enveloping nature creates a safe space for personal growth and healing. By exposing yourself to the intense, filling smoke of white sage, inner & outer cleansing processes are triggered. Your aura and physical space are cleansed. This makes it easier for you to penetrate to higher levels of consciousness and intensify spiritual connections. White sage is a mood enhancer that gifts us with cheerfulness and lightness.

Palo Santo smoking wood

Our Palo Santo incense is pure nature and conquers our heart again with every use. Thanks to its pleasantly enveloping, velvety-soft smoke - with slightly fruity scents - our Palo Santo is present without being intrusive. It caresses the heart & soul and calms as well as inspires the spirit. Thus, it is the perfect companion for you in everyday life, in creative processes as well as in ceremonial occasions. The balsam tree plant is said to have cleansing, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and even antibiotic effects. Ignite Suyana's Palo Santo de Piura and indulge in its magical effects and unique life story. Espíritu Nativo de Palo Santo para tí.

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Suyana's smoking bundle
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