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About our cacao

What is ceremonial cacao and how does it differ from 'conventional' cacao?
Ceremonial cacao is largely unprocessed cacao in its natural form. Unlike conventional cacao, which often has sugar and other ingredients added, our cacao is made from 100% cacao mass. During production, care is taken to ensure minimal and gentle heating, so that as many of the health-promoting nutrients as possible are retained and it can fully develop its heart-opening effect. For centuries, cacao has been celebrated in its 'natural' form prepared into a drink for ritual purposes. Learn more about what makes ceremonial cacao so unique here (link blog article Raw Cacao Myth).
Why does the appearance and taste of our cacao differ between varieties and also between different individual pieces within a variety?

Since our cacao is a natural product, appearance and taste can vary within and between different varieties and batches. In particular, the product origin and thus the ecological conditions in the growing area have a great influence on the character of the cacao. The surrounding flora and fauna, solar radiation, air temperatures & humidity, precipitation, the ingredients of the organic fertilizers used, but also the drying time of the cocoa beans and the roasting process - all these are examples of factors that influence the cacao mass and make each piece of cacao absolutely unique.

Particularly in the warm summer months, the cacao mass may occasionally change shape or the cocoa butter may be deposited. This is due to the fact that the individual components of the cacao can separate from each other more easily due to the lowest possible degree of processing. Of course, this does not change the taste and quality of the cacao.

Is your cacao sustainable?
As hope is the great driving force behind our company, we are very concerned about a sustainable coexistence. This aspiration is reflected in our high demands on the quality and sustainability of our products. With the exception of wild plants, all the products we source are organically grown. Fairness in dealing with all those involved in the value chain is our top priority. In order to verify these claims, we prefer to see for ourselves on site, to visit plantations and to talk to local farmers and workers. By ensuring the greatest possible transparency from the cocoa bean to the end customer, we can guarantee compliance with our sustainability requirements. In order for you to be able to form your own personal picture, it is very important to us to pass on information about the background of our products to our customers and to provide direct insights into the stories of their origin. In the countries of origin, we help to create permanent jobs with social security and fair wages. Where possible, our products come from direct trade, so that packaging waste and emissions can be reduced through avoided transport routes. We also package our products largely in bulk and through materials made from sustainably grown raw materials that can be recycled. Do you have specific questions about sustainability or inspiration that could optimize our products and/or processes in terms of sustainability? We are always open to suggestions for improvement, so feel free to share them!
Is your cacao vegan?
Yes - all our cacao is 100% raw and therefore free from products of animal origin. Also in the production no animal processing aids are used.

Preparation & Storage

How do you prepare your cacao mass for a beverage?

There are many ways to prepare our cacao mass into a delicious drink. The classic way is to add water to the cacao and carefully melt it under low heat (maximum 50-60°C) and constant stirring. Depending on preference and intention, we recommend a quantity of 25 to 40g of cacao. If you prefer it a bit creamier, you can also use a vegan milk alternative instead of water - preferably unsweetened. Preparation with conventional milk should be avoided, as it can inhibit the absorption of nutrients such as iron and important antioxidants.

The cacao drink can be sweetened as desired and refined with various spices - here you will get a more detailed preparation recommendation with suggestions for various pleasure highlights. Get creative, create your own favorite composition and share it with us!

What is the ideal way to store your cacao?
We recommend storing in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight in an airtight package (like our resealable bags).
What is the shelf life of your cacao?
All our cacao has a shelf life of two years from the date of production, but they are generally still edible well beyond that.

Health Effects

Is regular consumption of cacao safe for health?

Yes - ceremonial cacao offers numerous health benefits that can be brought to fruition through regular consumption. For example, regular cocoa consumption can lower levels of stress hormones and sugar in the blood and prevent cravings. Other noticeable effects include a higher energy level, increased concentration and mental well-being.

As with all foods, also superfoods, a healthy measure should be observed when consuming. This is favored by the fact that the cacao has a very satiating effect due to its richness, so that a satisfying feeling of satiety is already achieved naturally after an average portion. So there is usually nothing wrong with a cup of cacao a day. Indigenous peoples such as the Kunas on the San Blas Islands are even said to enjoy around four cups a day, benefiting from particularly high heart health.

Are there any undesirable side effects associated with regular consumption of cacao?
Excessive consumption of cacao can manifest itself in headaches and increased pulse. This is due to the ingredient theobromine, which has a stimulating effect on the human organism similar to caffeine.
Is your cacao suitable for all people of all ages?

In principle, the many health-promoting ingredients in cacao are of course valuable for everyone. Nevertheless, we are all individuals, so we ask for mindful consumption at all times and physical signals of any kind should be listened to. Due to the caffeine and theobromine content in cacao, we advise children and people of older age in particular to enjoy only smaller doses of cacao if possible. People who are sensitive to caffeine should also try cocoa in smaller quantities first. We do not recommend the consumption of cacao for people with heart disease, high blood pressure or those who take antidepressants.

If you have any individual questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. If you have major concerns, we recommend that you ask for advice from a doctor you trust.

Does your cacao mass contain traces of nuts or tree nuts?
No - all our cacao masses are suitable for allergy sensitive people and are also lactose & gluten free.

Payment & Delivery

Which countries do you ship to?
We ship all over Europe as well as to England and Switzerland.
How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Germany: 2-4 business days Europe, England & Switzerland: 4-8 business days
On request, we will be happy to send you your package on your desired delivery date. Just write us a short message with your name, the desired date and the products you want.
On request, we will be happy to send you your package on your desired delivery date. Simply write us a short message with your name, the desired date and the products you want.
Can I have my package delivered to a Packstation?
On request, we will gladly send your package to a packing station of your choice. Just write us a short message with your name, the number and address of the packing station and the products you want.
Can I track the delivery status of my package?
For each shipment we receive a tracking number. Currently, the forwarding to the ordering person is not yet automated, but on request we will be happy to give you an update on the delivery status.
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