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Smoke that connects your inside & outside

Palo Santo incense
From Piura, Peru

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37,50  /kg

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  • ideal for incense & ceremonies
  • strong resin content, rich in essential oils
  • pine, coconut, citrus & mint scents
  • inspiring, calming & purifying
  • untreated, exclusively natural stock without deforestation!
  • fair direct trade with local communities & collectives
  • Palo Santo smoking wood 

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Suyana's Palo Santo de Piura

Palo Santo smoking wood caresses the heart & soul, it calms & inspires the mind

This Palo Santo smoking wood is pure nature and has directly conquered our hearts. Thanks to its pleasantly enveloping, velvety-soft smoke - with slightly fruity scents - our Palo Santo is present without being intrusive. It caresses the heart & soul, it soothes & inspires the mind: it tells you a story, its story.

It is a very old story, because the smoking of resins and woods, as well as the burning of medicinal herbs has a long tradition worldwide: beneficial scents that simply do you good; smoke that creates a connection between the inside & outside, that bridges the gap between nature & man and brings you closer to the gods. Driving away negative thoughts & energies or even demons is part of smoking. But not only religious, but also concrete medical purposes are pursued with incense.

Palo Santo smoking wood has been attributed since pre-Columbian times with healing powers that are said to have a positive effect on colds, stomach upsets, skin diseases, headaches, asthma, stress and depression. The balsam tree plant is said to have purifying, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, even antibiotic effects.

Growth & Collection of our Sacred Palo Santo smoking wood

Bursera graveolens, its Latin name, occurs naturally in parts of North, Central & South America. Our Palo Santo comes exclusively from natural stocks of the dry forests along the coast of Peru from the Piura region and is protected there. Here Palo Santo is not planted, felled and cut down, but is allowed to live its "tree life" in a natural way in the cycle of nature. A Palo Santo tree lives for about 100 years until it reaches its "biological age". Wood, sticks & branches fall off, the tree finally lays down on the ground to completely surrender to the cycle of nature. Only now on the ground, the Palo Santo gains maturity, its strong resin content and its individual, unmistakable intense fragrance.

Fallen wood as well as the tree itself sometimes remain lying for up to 4-5 years until they are finally collected by local peasant collectives. The Peruvian forestry company (SERFOR) pays attention to the amount of wood that is picked up and then determines the compensation area that must be reforested.

We have chosen exactly this Palo Santo because it meets our demands for product quality, sustainability, mindfulness & appreciation as well as fairness. The traditional indigenous heritage of this Palo Santo is honored, its naturalness is carefully preserved within its life cycle and the future of the Palo Santo forests as well as the local communities and their inhabitants is preserved.

Ignite Suyana's Palo Santo de Piura and surrender to its magical effect and life story. Espíritu Nativo de Palo Santo para tí.

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Palo Santo incense
Palo Santo incense
From Piura, Peru
From 25,00 
37,50  /kg
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