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A ceremonial cacao that mildly embraces you and allows forgiveness

Suyana Ceremonial Blend
Fine ceremonial organic cacao from Juanjuí, Peru

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  • ideal for cacao ceremonies
  • cacao mass with balanced chocolaty taste
  • inspiring aroma landscape with light coffee notes
  • grounding-energetic, stabilizing-stimulating
  • exclusive Suyana cacao bean collection from certified organic farming cooperative
  • mixed culture cultivation with various shade and fruit trees
  • fair direct trade
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Suyana Ceremonial Blend

from Juanjuí - the heart of Peru

Ceremonial cacao by fine cacao bean collection from Peru, exclusively compiled for Suyana, is a real all-rounder. The balanced blend of Criollo & Trinitario provides a multi-layered cacao experience: Fruity notes of the fine Criollo cacao paired with earthy flavors of the Trinitario blend to create a smooth & balanced holistic flavor character.

Ceremonial cocoa harvest

Suyana Ceremonial Blend - The ying-yang among cacaos

Suyana Ceremonial Blend - ceremonial cacao presents itself as a balanced fusion of the ying & yang forces, a stabilizing & stimulating 360° cacao experience. The flavors of our Ceremonial Blend range from traditional chocolaty-tart to harmonious earthy-spicy nuances with classic coffee notes to dynamic fruit flavors like cherry, citrus or tropical.

This cacao has lived up to its name "Ceremonial Blend". It is the perfect accompaniment to cacao ceremonies: soft & stomach-friendly in the drink; gentle & loving on the cacao journey. A cacao that gently embraces you and allows forgiveness. As a teacher & healer, Suyana Ceremonial Blend can guide you confidently through meditation and initiate intense inner processes. Instead of hitting you over the head, it clarifies your vision and provides you with the willpower and energy necessary to take the next steps on your path. This cacao has truly become a good friend for us to cherish, love and enjoy.

Best growingconditions for ceremonial cacao

Suyana's Ceremonial Blend comes from the Juanjuí region in the Mariscal Cáceres province of north-central Peru. Situated between the eastern foothills of the Peruvian Central Cordillera and the tropical Río Abiseo and Cordillera Azul National Parks, this exclusive collection of cacao beans draws on the mineral power of the Andes and the fertile tropical warmth & humidity of the Amazon (1400 mm of rain, 80-90% RH, 22-32° in Ø). Thus, all the growing conditions are united, which allow the cacao to grow to its full potential, so that its multi-layered effect can be experienced by the consumer. Perfect conditions for a holistically matured Suyana cacao.

Cacao instead of Cocaine

We source our cacao directly from a small, local, certified farming cooperative. With the motto ‚Theobromine instead of Cocaine', the cooperative was founded 25 years ago to replace coca plants with cacao and end the violence associated with drug-related crime. This success story continues: Instead of leaving the raw material to the cocaine trade, the cooperative focuses on continuously improving the quality of the cacao. Today, the cooperative has over 500 members, who are guaranteed a good standard of living through the cultivation and processing of the cacao.

Ceremonial cacao through the perfect mix

This collection of cacao beans requires mixed cultivation; that is, it cannot be grown in monocultures. Due to the co-cultivation of and growing with various other plants and trees, this ceremonial cacao draws flavor particles from its large-green and frutal neighbors - various endemic woody and fruit tree species. In turn, thanks to agroforestry diversification, the growing region and the topsoil itself benefit greatly: efficiency, permanence and closed nutrient cycles - sustainability principles in action.

The climatic and soil conditions that prevail in the ecosystem surrounding the cacao growing area explain the diversified & holistic flavor of our Ceremonial Blend. Thanks to the considerate post-harvest process, our cacao liquor achieves its excellent quality, which you can taste and feel between your fingers. A cacao that will gladly share its balanced character with you. Santísimo Cacao!

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Suyana Ceremonial Blend
Fine ceremonial organic cacao from Juanjuí, Peru
From 22,90 
23,20  /kg
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