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A dynamic that draws you in, but doesn't throw you off balance

The Colombian
Criollo Organic Ceremony Cacao from Tolima, Colombia

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  • Ceremony & Dance Cacao

  • Fiery chocolate flavor
  • Noble aroma with pulsating nuances
  • from the depth, invigorating, dynamic, balancing
  • high quality Colombian Criollo from Tolima, west-central Colombia
  • organic & certified cultivation
  • fair direct trade
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The Colombian of Tolima

from Tolima in Colombia

La Colombiana is a noble and fiery ceremony cacao from Tolima in Colombia. It consists of 90-100% high quality Criollo cocoa beans grown by an experienced family farm. The growing region is characterized by its year-round tropical warm climate and a landscape of fertile green rainforests. La Colombiana can be enjoyed in many ways; It is ideal for all moments dedicated to dance, movement and music, but it is also suitable to ignite everyday life with dancing passion.

Ceremony Cocoa Colombia - Pod

Feel the Beat

Colombia is a land of music and dance expression. Various rhythms and dances are at home here, which now resonate worldwide. Cumbia, vallenato, salsa, reggaeton - to name just a few - are part of the cultural heritage and can be heard on every street corner in the country. It is hard to escape the musical fusion with European, African and indigenous influences. Neither can the magical attraction and driving force of La Colombiana. The invigorating effect of cacao bubbles up from the fertile interior of the Colombian rainforest and resonates up through the dry hot zones to the snow-capped peak of Nevado del Tolima, a volcano over 5000 meters high in the department of Tolima. La Colombiana has its own dynamic that pulls you along, yet doesn't throw you off balance. On the contrary, it gives you a hand to regain your personal balance, so that you can playfully and gracefully dance through life in your own rhythm.

La Colombiana – the fiery one among the ceremonial cocoas

Even visually, the cocoa mass radiates grace and purity. A rich, chocolate-brown to black complexion and a consistent, creamy texture are inherent to La Colombiana. Even before consumption, the cocoa mass gives one great pleasure. During preparation, its powers unfold; high-frequency vibrations swirl around like luminous sparks of a campfire under a dreamy starry sky. With the first sip, the ignition of the heart's fire is unstoppable. The energetic pulsating particles flow through your entire body and the comforting warmth of the blazing flames spreads. El Ritmo Colombiano takes hold of you, makes you merge with precious cocoa and sound, and makes your hips sway in musical unison as if by themselves. What an impressive fusion! The tingling unity of rainforest and volcanic rock, of fire and ice, of music and dance, of body and mind, of ceremony and everyday life - of cocoa and love compressed into just one moment of pleasure.

Diverse cultural & traditional family heritage from a single source

The love of cacao also drives Don Juarez. His family farm in Tolima, in west-central Colombia, has been growing cacao for generations. Over time, he has developed not only an enormous wealth of experience but also a very special awareness of the plant. Thus, Don Juarez not only has a comprehensive knowledge of the plants and their fruits, the cultivation and production conditions, and the further processing of the worthy cacao. He is also well aware of the manifold relationships between man, nature and culture and their significant interaction. Thus, he works exclusively with natural, probiotic fertilizer. The fermentation of the cocoa takes place in natural containers made of wood and banana leaves. The beans are dried in the sun at only 3% relative humidity - ideal conditions to preserve the natural flavor. In order to preserve the health-giving active ingredients of the cocoa, the beans are roasted very mildly. Old stone mills are used to grind the cocoa nibs before the cocoa mass is heated and poured into blocks. The entire production and processing process is carried out carefully and with much joy and love. Respect for mother earth and appreciation of people are an important part of Don Juarez's philosophy of life and his company culture. All that know-how and energy goes into making La Colombiana a true fine cocoa. Its appearance, consistency and unforgettable taste make its nobility tangible with every cell of the body. Pulsating life force from nature to celebrate the sensual being human!

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The Colombian
Criollo Organic Ceremony Cacao from Tolima, Colombia
From 29,90 
37,50  /kg
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