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Communicate with the spiritual world and connect with the spirit of the plant

White sage incense bundle
From California, the home of salvia apiana

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  • especially well suited for energetic cleansing in a ritual context/ ceremonial space
  • long-lasting & balanced-intense scent
  • resinous-sweet & cleansing-fresh aroma
  • rich in resin & essential oil
  • Strong smoke
  • mood-lifting, consciousness & concentration enhancing
  • natural product; cultivation free of chemicals
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Suyana's White Sage Incense Bundle


The tremendous power, resinous yet delicate aroma, and primal-traditional history of this White Sage directly captivated us and made our eyes light up. In the tradition of indigenous cultures, the plants of our White Sage are given an outstanding level of respect, care and love. The harmonious and benevolent disposition of this plant makes it very special and invites you to taste its centuries-old wisdom.
White sage incense bundle

Effects of sage incense bundle

As one of the most popular incense plants, White Sage has a long tradition in shamanic and indigenous cultures of the Americas. It is rightly considered THE incense of all. The term sage is derived from the word 'salvare', which translates to 'heal' and already indicates its health-giving properties. Sage served indigenous tribes along the Pacific coast as a food and medicinal plant. Even today it is used for the relief of colds and respiratory ailments . In addition to its effect on the physical level, it is excellent for ritual use due to its energetic cleansing effect. By exposing yourself to the intense, filling smoke of white sage, inner & outer cleansing processes are triggered. The own aura as well as the physical space are cleansed. Native Californians see the white sage plant as a living being with spirit and soul. Burning the plant was already a way to communicate with the spiritual world and connect with the spirit of the plant and the earth. In the intentional burning, they ask the spirit of the sage to channel its cleansing and protective energy into the room, into their body, into their energy field, and into their own spirit.

On a mental level, White Sage has a clearing effect; it helps you focus on what is important. Its protective, enveloping nature creates a safe space for personal growth and healing. This makes it easier for you to reach higher levels of consciousness and intensify spiritual connections. White Sage is a mood enhancer that brings cheerfulness and lightness to those who celebrate with it.

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The evergreen herbaceous plant salvia apiana grows up to one meter tall and develops four to eight centimeters long leaves. These are covered with white hairs, which give the plant its name. White sage belongs to the same genus as conventional sage (salvia officinalis), but stands out for its higher resin content and more intense fragrance.

Our white sage is native to sunny, golden California - the Golden State. There, where flower power and the hippie movement originated in the 1960s and where the spirit of a turning point in time is still expressed today in diversity, colorfulness and artistic diversity as well as natural richness. Green forests with gigantic sequoia trees, immense mountain ranges, seething volcanoes, extreme deserts, far-reaching coasts with white sandy beaches and islands in the cool blue of the Pacific Ocean - scenically as well as climatically, the southwestern state of California is characterized by immeasurable diversity. A true sunshine child, White Sage prefers the dry-warm hill regions along the entire coast of the state. Native residents are familiar with the sacred sites where White Sage has made itself at home. Everyone here treats it with great gratitude, appreciation and care. You can feel this when smoking.

Traditional collection & binding of our sage incense bundles

The leaves of our White Sage incense bundles are gently collected by the descendants of the native people of California in the mountains and coastal regions, dried and then hand-bundled with great care. Since all of our local partners have native roots, they are especially respectful of the plants, the soil, and all of the nature that surrounds them. The idea of sustainability has always been a mainstay in the life and worldview of Native Americans.

Some of our white sage grows wild on publicly permitted lands, and some is grown on private lands. For a long-lived and growing stand, only the top shoots are removed during harvest. This stimulates the plants to grow and thrive organically. Like all our products, white sage is a 100% natural product and therefore free from any chemical treatment.

The natural cultivation, the traditional and original processing as well as the high product quality have convinced us to consciously include these sage sticks in our selected assortment Its effect should also inspire you and your ceremony.

Sage Incense Bundle – Use

To make use of the healing properties of sage, the tip of the Smudge Stick is lit. When some of the leaf ends are inflamed, the fire is carefully blown out so that the stick only glows. For optimal smoke development and its targeted distribution, a feather or similar object is helpful to add air to the stick. To keep the embers moving along the leaf stalk, you should blow gently on the tips. Since small, glowing particles always come loose during smoking and fall down, you should always carry a fireproof or sand-filled bowl under the stick. The incense can be moved freely in the room as desired. For example, physical outlines can be drawn, or ritual drinks bathed in a cloud of smoke. The powerful smoke development of white sage makes it possible to decorate the air with beautiful patterns - there are no limits to your creativity! It is especially exciting to keep an eye on the movement of the smoke, as it reflects the energies of the room. While at higher energetic frequencies the smoke moves freely and almost dances, at lower vibrations it swirls around restlessly or even disappears. In this case, special attention should be paid to those places. If the White Sage is used for spatial cleansing, it is advisable to ventilate well after the ritual to let go of the old and create space for the new. Wake up beautiful Sun Child.

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White sage incense bundle
White sage incense bundle
From California, the home of salvia apiana
From 22,50 
19,00  /kg
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