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Maca tuber

Maca - a true powerhouse and superfood from the Andes mountains

Premium Organic Maca Mix, Powder
Strengthening powerfood from Junin, Peru

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  • Organic seal Maca
  • traditional cultivation from local small farmers
  • 100% pure powder from rare Maca roots
  • high concentration (6:1)
  • gentle production process
  • Support of the original Peruvian cultivation

  • sweet, slightly earthy taste with caramel & vanilla notes
  • fair & organic certified cultivation
  • Maca in raw food quality

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Premium Maca Mix

our strengthening powerfood from Junin, Peru

Maca - a powerful superfood from the central Peruvian Andes Mountains with a history that dates back to the construction of the legendary ruined city of Machu Picchu.

Suyana's Maca powder comes from the Junin region, known worldwide for its traditional cultivation and classic drying process. Our powder is free of any additives and is made from 80% black, 15% red and 5% yellow maca in a highly concentrated form. While most products are made from yellow Maca, our powder with the high percentage of black Maca is a rarity, as this variety is the rarest form of the tuber family.

The black Maca root is a true powerhouse, both on a mental and physical level, it can lead to a noticeable increase in performance after only a short time.

The inherent taste of our powdered maca is distinctly individual; a nutty-sweet character on a slightly earthy foundation with hints of caramel and vanilla.

Through our collaboration with a dedicated cooperative, we support the sustainable existence of traditional cultivation in the Junin area of origin. Thanks to the gentle production process of the local smallholders, in which the roots are not exposed to strong heat, we can ensure the high quality raw food of our powder. Against the background of the strong increase in demand and the resulting mass production, we consider ourselves very fortunate to be one of the few suppliers worldwide who can source and pass on such an outstandingly high-quality and effective Maca powder.

Maca roots

Maca – Strengthening power food of the Incas

The Maca plant (Lepidium meyenii) belongs to the cruciferous family and originates from the Andes mountains of Peru. Despite harsh climatic conditions, it feels particularly at home at altitudes of 4000 meters and above. Only the strongest and most resistant among them withstand the strong winds and temperature fluctuations and form rich tubers.

Maca roots come in a wide variety of colors: white, yellow, red, purple and even black. Yellow Maca is now widespread, whereas black Maca is a particularly rare variety. It is said to have the strongest effect and is known to noticeably increase mental and physical performance. Complementary, Red Maca is especially beneficial to the female gender and their hormonal balance. The powder of the different varieties hardly differs visually after the drying process, but they have a significantly different nutrient profile.

Already about 2000 years ago, the Maca plant was domesticated. Due to its excellent properties, it gained increasing popularity from the 1970s onwards. As a result, it was no longer cultivated only in its original home, the mountainous landscapes of Junin. Large stocks of Peruvian Maca were bought up by foreign buyers a few years ago. In order to meet the greatly increased demand, many local companies began to grow Maca in atypical locations in valleys and mining regions. Here, however, completely different climatic and edaphic conditions prevail. The result: a low-value nutrient profile as well as residues of heavy metals, pesticides and hormones used to stimulate growth. To save further production costs, traditional drying methods were and still often are not used.

The origin and the manufacturing process have a decisive influence on the mode of action. Only through the typical climatic conditions in the area of origin and the traditionally months-long drying processes can the positive properties of the root fully develop to obtain a powerful product. The high mountains of the Peruvian Andes are a mystical place of power and natural purity.

The Andean people believe that light beings (Apus or Apukunas) reside in the mountains; the most important representatives of the upper world. All living beings and minerals of a mountain would be under the protection of these beings. A harmonious coexistence with them is of great importance for the local inhabitants.

Already the Incas used Maca about 2000 years ago. Today it is still one of the staple foods in Peru. It is known for its healing power and strengthening properties. It was used in sacred rituals as well as to increase endurance, for example in the construction of the ruined city of Machu Picchu.

Cultivation and processing of Maca according to tradition

The still low quality production of some suppliers of Maca products at low costs puts strong pressure on the local farmers in the traditional growing areas. For this reason, we source our Maca from a cooperative that promotes the farmers and the growing area in the Junin region. Independent small farmers from the Junin Plateau harvest the tubers by hand and take them back to their farm at the end of the day, where they are spread out for the three-month drying process. With the help of Peruvian solar power, the roots are allowed to ripen to their full potential during the day, while they are lovingly covered at night to protect them from moisture. Such caring harvesting and processing have become a true rarity today.

The individual production process of the small farmers with equipment unique to the region and the guarantee of an upper temperature limit of 45°C are the basis of our Maca quality promise.

Our partners now have their own seed collection, so that an almost constant quality level can be maintained. Furthermore, our partner cooperative has made it its business to support a Maca research center that scientifically deals with traditionally cultivated Maca and its preservation. An organization that invests so much heart and soul in the preservation of Peruvian traditions in maca cultivation is hard to find elsewhere.


Suyana's Maca powder is a 100% pure product in highly concentrated form with a 6:1 ratio (kg fresh fruit: kg powder).

Maca is an excellent source of the nutrients potassium, calcium, zinc, sulfur, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, manganese and iron. In particular, the content of iron and calcium is said to be highest in black maca. The plant pigment anthocyanins, responsible for the black color, also has antioxidant and cell-protective effects. Red maca provides particularly high levels of potassium and protein. In addition, maca contains almost all vitamins and essential amino acids and is a good source of valuable unsaturated fatty acids.


Maca has an energizing effect on a physical and mental level. It can help to increase well-being and is said to have various desirable health effects due to the numerous ingredients it contains.

The bulbous root is said to provide strong bones and teeth, promote muscle building and can contribute to improved athletic condition. Furthermore, it is said to have an anti-inflammatory effect and provides important nutrients for blood formation. Maca may have cholesterol-lowering and blood pressure-lowering effects and may be beneficial to healthy heart function. The root is one of the so-called adaptogens, as it is said to increase one's resilience to stress. The high content of antioxidants is also said to provide a beautiful complexion. Furthermore, it can have a hormonal balancing and aphrodisiac effect, so that it can be beneficial in terms of a balanced hormonal system and sexual health and fertility. Depressive moods and chronic fatigue are said to be counteracted. Overall, Maca is said to strengthen the immune system, promote vitality and boost the metabolism.

To ensure that the desirable effects of the root become noticeable after only a short time of ingestion and that even small amounts of the fruit show their effect, we offer it in concentrated powder form.


Traditionally, maca is usually baked or dried and then cooked into a sweet paste. The powder's slightly sweet taste, with its subtle flavors of caramel and vanilla, is great added to chocolatey or fruity foods and drinks. Whether in porridge, in a smoothie, for baking or as a topping - the uses are many.

For example, a great option is to add a spoonful of the concentrated tuber power to your Ceremonial Cocoa. This will emphasize its strengthening and nourishing properties while you enrich it with a unique, subtle nutty flavor note.

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Maca powder from Peru
Premium Organic Maca Mix, Powder
Strengthening powerfood from Junin, Peru
From 32,00 
65,00  /kg
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