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With this Criollo cocoa, inner processes and mental deposits are set in motion

Atalaya de Tres Rios
Organic Criollo cocoa from Ucayali, Peru

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Includes 19% MwSt. 19 % DE
  • Criollo cacao for ceremonies & intense processes

  • Cacao mass with powerful chocolate flavor
  • unique spicy flavors with individual performance
  • primal, intense & deep, clarifying
  • "River cacao" from Ucayali in east-central Peru
  • organic certified cultivation by family cooperative
  • Fair direct trade & environmentally friendly shipping
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Criollo Cocoa “Atalaya de Tres Rios”

from Ucayali, Peru

This noble Criollo cocoa mass from east central Peru is characterized by its individual flavor nuances. Based on the noble Criollo cocoa, the rare Atalaya variety was born in the Ucayali region. A ceremonial cacao, unique in its kind and cultivated only in this area by experienced experts. Atalaya de Tres Rios convinces with its powerful but smooth chocolate flavor with surprising gustos. Ideal for deep sessions & meditations as well as very personal cacao journeys.

Criollo Cocoa

Getting into the Flow

Panta rhei - everything flows. This applies to this Criollo cocoa and its individual taste experience as to no other cocoa. Just as you don't get into the same river twice, you experience Atalaya de Tres Rios over and over again - even if it is the "same" cocoa. The varied performance is due on the one hand to the originality of the Criollo variety and on the other hand to the specificity of the growing region, especially the exceptional river location of the only 100 hectares of cultivated land, which is surrounded by three tropical rivers. No wonder, then, that with this cacao, inner processes and mental deposits are set in motion: A cocoa that helps you confront your inner world, trigger intense processes, release blockages and thus achieve clear awareness.

Atalaya de Tres Rios – Born between three rivers

This criollo cocoa comes from the province of Atalaya in the Ucayali region bordering the Junín region of Peru. Located between the eastern foothills of the Andes and on the western edge of the Amazon lowlands, the three jungle rivers Tambo, Urubamba and Ucayali meander widely through the area. In one of the warmest regions of Peru, high humidity and hot temperatures determine the climate. The flowing vein environment, the geographic border conditions and the climatic conditions meet the original cacao bean Criollo. Thus, the local variety Atalaya has been developed in a long process. Starting from the strong Criollo and thanks to the variance of the environment, it was possible to develop a unique intense and varied taste; a taste that comes with a corresponding effect. With this cacao you go on an exciting journey that confronts you with your inner self, perhaps even with the unknown and hidden. At the end of the journey, you may (un)stand a clearer consciousness. Atalaya de Tres Rios is also perfect for deep meditations or high-energy Breathwork and Drumbeat sessions.

Loving cultivation of small familiescooperative with expertise in organic Criollo cocoa cultivation

Like all Suyana cacaos, this one comes from controlled biological cultivation directly from a small farmers' cooperative consisting of only three family farms. The plantation is supplied with clean water from its own well. This ensures that the plantations receive pure water and are not exposed to "water stress". The cocoa plants are spared from plagues and can develop in a relaxed manner and grow carefully. The small cooperative has many years of experience in the cultivation and production of cacao. Maestro Don Justo dedicates his whole life to cacao and has succeeded in creating the unique Atalaya fine flavoured cacao. Short and transparent supply chains as well as regular controls of the raw material by independent laboratories ensure that his cocoa reaches our customers in best quality. A cacao that is unique from cultivation to production to enjoyment and that likes to show new facets (of itself and you) in ceremonies. Atalaya Tres Rios - a cacao that is born between three rivers, makes everything flow and brings you into the flow.

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