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The top of the most vitamin C - containing fruits in the world

Highly effective organic Camu Camu, powder
Superfood from the Amazon, Peru

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  • Vitamin C - richest fruit in the world
  • absolute purity: high concentration (ratio 30:1) with only naturally contained vitamin C
  • source of numerous minerals, vitamins, amino acids and secondary plant compounds
  • excellent bioavailability
  • refreshingly sour and pleasantly fruity taste
  • organically certified cultivation by local inhabitants of the Amazon region
  • fine powder for easy dosage & multiple uses
  • raw food quality
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Camu Camu


Have you heard about the miracle berry Camu Camu? If not, it's high time you did! Among indigenous peoples of the Peruvian rainforest it has a long tradition as a healing plant for more vitality and well-being.

It is one of the most vitamin C - containing fruits in the world, so that even a small portion of our highly concentrated fruit powder can cover your daily requirement of this vitamin. 100 grams of the fresh berry contain 2000 micrograms of vitamin C - the amount contained in about 20 large oranges! With this value, it is even ahead of acerola, which comes to 1700 micrograms of the vitamin per 100g of fruit. While many products are artificially added vitamins, our C - Superfood is characterized by an enormously high nutrient content by nature. A unique production process makes it possible to reduce the whole fruit for our powder to a highly concentrated ratio of 30:1.

And that's not all, the optimal composition of vitamins and minerals makes the nutrients of Camu Camu optimally usable for the organism. It is also a valuable source of secondary plant compounds and various antioxidants.

Since the superfood is rarely found in fresh form in our longitudes, we offer it as a powder concentrate that can serve as an addition to juices, smoothies, yogurt and more. The easy dosing simplifies the daily use. A long shelf life combined with an above-average nutrient stability let you benefit from the positive effects for a long time even with occasional use.

Absolute purity from the Amazon rainforests

The fruits of our Camu Concentrate come from the Amazon region of Peru, where they are harvested by hand by local natives and gently dried and processed into powder. A fully grown plant of Camu Camu can bear up to 12 kg of the orange-red fruits, which reach the size of a sweet cherry. This amount is equivalent to 4000 recommended daily doses of vitamin C.

The Camu Camu shrub can grow up to six meters high. From the white flower, reddish, round berries form from December to April, which can weigh up to 14 grams. After harvesting, the fruit is processed in its entirety (with the exception of the seeds) in a timely manner to obtain the most complete nutritional profile. Using the fruit whole is not always common; many companies make use of spray drying as a production method, using only the juice to produce a pink powder containing 30%- 50% maltodextrin (two sugars). 

How is the Camu Camu grown?

Riverbed. It is sourced directly from a comunidad, a community of indigenous jungle people. These people independently take care of the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the fruit, allowing them to work as autonomously as possible.

The fruits are not exposed to heat or radiation during the entire production process. The pulp and water are the only raw materials used to obtain the powder. Our Camu Camu is not an extract, but a 100% pure product with a very high nutrient concentration in a ratio of 30:1, so in one kilo of our Camu Camu powder there are the nutrients of 30kg of the fresh fruit. This ratio and the enormously high vitamin C content of at least 15% are due to our unique production process. Unlike other manufacturers, the purity of the product has a high priority for us, so we refuse any artificial addition of vitamin C.

Regular physical, chemical and microbiological analysis as well as testing of samples for contained heavy metals and traces of pesticides ensure the high quality of our Camu Camus. The 11 years of production experience of our cooperation partner and the personal exchange give us additional confidence in a conscious and high quality working method.


Our Camu Camu captivates in outstanding measure by its naturally high vitamin C content, which in powdered form is between 16 and 18%.

Many products and dietary supplements contain artificially produced (isolated) vitamin C. This is always the case when vitamin C is listed as an ingredient on product labels. The isolated vitamin is produced by genetically modified microorganisms (GMO vitamin C) or synthetically by a chemical-microbiological process (synthetic vitamin C).

Instead of synthetic vitamin C, our Camu Camu shines with a synergy of natural minerals and amino acids that maximizes the absorption capacity of vitamin C. While there is no overall scientific evidence that vitamin C from a fruit has a better health effect than man-made (isolated) vitamin C, there are several important differences between the effects of isolated vitamin C and our Camu Camu.

One important reason is that ascorbic acid is a 100% pure component (commonly called just vitamin C) that does not occur in this isolated form in nature. The Camu Camu fruit powder contains many different nutrients in addition to ascorbic acid. It presents itself as a very complex source of nutrients that goes far beyond the simple, isolated form of ascorbic acid.

Other ingredients include vitamins B1, B2, B3 and riboflavin, as well as beta-carotene and minerals such as amino acids, zinc, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. In addition, the berries contain a lot of organically bound and cell-available iron. This nutrient structure allows the contained vitamin C to be ideally absorbed and utilized.

To find out how quickly the vitamin C in our Camu Camu powder enters the blood, it was subjected to a comparative test with a form of vitamin C (liposomal vitamin C) that is said to have superior bioavailability compared to pure ascorbic acid. The result showed that the bioavailability of vitamin C (measured in blood concentration) from our Camu Camu powder is significantly higher than that of liposomal vitamin C.

Further testing of our Camu Camu at regular intervals over a year has shown that the nutrients it contains have exceptionally high stability. While many products containing vitamin C lose a large percentage of the vitamin within a year, the content in our powder changes by little more than 1% within the shelf life of three years.


Indigenous peoples of the South American rainforest have been deriving benefits from this nutrient-rich medicinal plant for centuries. They attribute to the myrtle plant an invigorating and mood-lifting effect, so that it is used in cases of fatigue, exhaustion and depression. Likewise, the juice of the fruit is traditionally used against headaches and migraines and for a clear mind. Furthermore, the berry is said to have anti-inflammatory, concentration enhancing and aphrodisiac effects. Skin, joints and muscles are said to be strengthened and digestion regulated.

According to a Canadian study, camu camu could even help with this, as it is said to have an appetite-suppressing effect, boost fat burning and counteract fat storage. Another study by Japan's Saga University found that its high antioxidant content can reduce free radicals in the body and thus reduce oxidative stress. Thus, the berry can serve the natural preservation of youth.

The high vitamin C content provides a strengthened immune system and supports the prevention of colds and flu infections. In addition, vitamin C is said to promote healthy respiratory tract and cardiovascular system. Furthermore, it is said to have a balancing effect on blood pressure as well as keeping eyes, skin and brain functions healthy.


The powder form of our Camu Camus allows a versatile and uncomplicated use of the superfood. To enhance overall wellness, we recommend consuming one level teaspoon of the powder per day. In any case, the daily requirement of 100 mg of vitamin C should not be exceeded under normal circumstances. Consumption of large amounts of vitamin C is associated with lower bioavailability and is not recommended.

Taking the Camu Camu powder can be super simple: put a teaspoon of the powder in a bottle of pure, still water, shake well and ideally drink it throughout the day. Otherwise, the fruit powder can be used, for example, as an excellent addition to smoothies and juices. The powder can also be added to desserts or mueslis - quite simply: a supplement for all foods and drinks that welcome a fruity kick of freshness.

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Highly effective organic Camu Camu, powder
Superfood from the Amazon, Peru
From 35,00 
118,00  /kg
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