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It nourishes your body and brings a childish joyful smile to your face

Fair trade organic coconut blossom sugar
Fine caramel sweetness from Java, Indonesia

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6,50  /kg

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  • from the world's first Fairtrade certified cooperative in the cultivation of coconut blossom sugar
  • organic cultivation & processing from local smallholders and family farms
  • fine crystals with good solubility
  • ideal for sweetening & refining cacao drinks
  • gentle notes reminiscent of honey & vanilla
  • rich in valuable minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • Fair direct trade & environmentally friendly shipping

Suyana's fair coconut blossom sugar

from Java

Our exquisite coconut blossom sugar comes from the heart of Indonesia from the island of Java, located between Sumatra and Bali. The cultivating small farmers and families live two to three hours outside of Yogyakarta, the former seat of power of the island, known as an artistic stronghold, and surrounded by picturesque natural panorama.

Suyana's coconut blossom sugar convinces ethically not only by organic quality, but also by certified fairness in the production process. This characteristic makes it absolutely unique and a pioneer in the segment, because the cooperative from which it comes is the first in the world with Fairtrade certification in the field of organic cultivation of blossom sugar. Instead of outsourced processing, the sugar is bought from the small farmers and families of the cooperative as an end product, so that they can be remunerated for a larger share of the added value.

The malty, caramel notes and subtle aromatic hints of honey and vanilla make our coconut blossom sugar an exquisite choice for sweetening beverages and dishes.

Especially for refining our ceremonial cocoas and rounding off the bitter substances contained therein, we have become very fond of our blossom sugar. The pleasant sweetness of the fine crystals and the flavor highlights of the coconut blossom sugar, which nevertheless do not stand out too dominantly, give the cocoa drink an irresistible sparkle. Its slight sweetness underscores the characteristic aromatic landscape of the cocoa as well as the flavorful orchestration of specially added spices.

Coconut palm coconut blossom sugar


Coconut blossom sugar is a palm sugar that differs significantly from conventional table sugar in various aspects. Its grain size is somewhat coarser and the brownish color is somewhat reminiscent of cane sugar. The sweetening power of coconut blossom sugar is comparable to that of household sugar. In terms of taste, its caramel character and aromatic subtleties make it unique in the sweetener segment.

From a health perspective, coconut blossom sugar scores with valuable minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The numerous micronutrients zinc, potassium and iron it contains set it apart from other sugar alternatives in terms of mineral richness. It also contains 16 valuable amino acids, which are responsible for the development and maintenance of all bodily functions. The content of the amino acid glutamine, which is particularly involved in metabolic processes and memory performance, is particularly high. Furthermore, coconut blossom sugar provides a small amount of the dietary fiber inulin, which can support a healthy intestinal flora. In addition, this substance improves the absorption of magnesium and calcium, which are essential for the structure and function of bones and muscles. In addition to the nutrients mentioned, the sweetness of coconut flower contains numerous vitamins such as vitamin C and twelve essential B vitamins. It may also contain traces of vitamin B12, the plant occurrence of which is very rare. The glycemic index (GI) of coconut blossom sugar is lower than that of other conventional sweeteners such as table sugar or honey.


Our coconut blossom sugar comes from Java, one of the four large Sunda islands, between Malaysia and Australia. Typical characteristics of the island are the wealth and diversity of different cultures, magnificent temples, some of which have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and breathtaking landscapes with still active volcanoes and turquoise crater lakes. Tropical temperatures and air conditions surround various national parks with beautiful sandy beaches and coral islands rich in species in the crystal clear sea. Metropolises such as the Indonesian capital Jakarta and Yogyakarta complete the spectrum in artistic and cultural terms, the expression of which extends to more rural areas characterized by small, authentic villages.

Our blossom sugar comes from a local cooperative of about 2000 small farmers and families with 5-20 coconut palms each, whose cultivation is certified organic and Fairtrade. Since the palms do not have to be felled for the production of the coconut blossom sugar, no huge areas are needed for the recurring cultivation of the plants. The sugar is obtained from the liquid nectar of the coconut flower. When the flower bud is cut, the sticky-sweet sap emerges and is collected by a container. Water is then extracted from it by applying heat, so that coconut blossom sugar is finally obtained in crystalline form. Four liters of the nectar are needed for one kilo of coconut blossom sugar, which corresponds to the daily yield of two coconut palms.

The special feature of our coconut blossom sugar is that it is purchased as a final product directly from local farmers and small families. This means that a larger share of the proceeds remains directly with the local population and unnecessary transport routes for individual processing steps can be avoided. Thanks to our partners, who were on site themselves and were allowed to be very close to the cultivation and production of our coconut blossom sugar, we have certainty that our ethical and qualitative requirements for the product and its history are met.

Whether it's for a ceremonial cacao drink or for your favorite foods and beverages, our coconut blossom sugar will serve as a noble sweet enhancement, nourish your body, and certainly put a childlike, joyful smile on your face. Enjoy the sweetness of life!

Our floral sugar is perfect with:
Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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Coconut blossom sugar from Java
Fair trade organic coconut blossom sugar
Fine caramel sweetness from Java, Indonesia
From 9,00 
6,50  /kg
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