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Already 5000 years ago healers and doctors appreciated the world-famous superfood as a natural remedy

Organic ground ginger
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica

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  • traditional medicinal plant in TCM & Ayurvedic medicine
  • precious kitchen all-rounder
  • fruity-fresh taste
  • extremely high content of health-promoting pungent substances
  • 100% natural product
  • organic regenerative cultivation & fair trade
  • gentle drying & fine grinding
  • raw food quality
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Ginger from Costa Rica

100% natural product without additives, rich in important vital substances and a high concentration of gingerols

Ginger - a precious and recognized medicinal plant, which now enjoys worldwide fame as a spice and superfood. As the best proven home remedy for cold symptoms, it is a welcome immune system booster, especially in the fall and winter season. But even beyond that, it can provide numerous benefits to the body year-round and ensure healthy digestion. Originally from India and China, the miracle root was considered an expensive luxury item at the time. Now there are many growing countries and producers, and the quality of the products varies greatly. Suyana's organic ginger powder is a 100% natural product without additives, rich in important vital substances and stands out due to an above-average concentration of gingerols (main active ingredient). These antioxidants have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and are one of the typical flavor components of ginger. Through a controlled organic regenerative cultivation and a gentle manufacturing process, we can ensure that our organic ginger powder has a first-class nutrient profile and that all valuable ingredients as well as its fresh flavor intensity are completely preserved.

Through their special cultivation process in fruitful green Costa Rica, industry pioneer Ric and his team are setting new standards of quality and sustainability in the medicinal plant segment on a global scale. In the midst of beautiful and diverse nature, characterized by immense vitality and biodiversity like in hardly any other place, they are committed to a worldwide change in consciousness in the name of the co-evolution of man and nature with their strong orientation towards social-ecological values.

A world-renowned multi-talent

The ginger plant is native to South Asia, where it was long traded as a precious luxury. Especially in the kitchens of India and China, the tuberous plant has a long tradition. But also healers and doctors of these countries appreciated ginger as a natural remedy already 5000 years ago.

Via trade routes, the miracle root reached the Greeks and Romans from the Asian region, from where its popularity spread further and further. Today, ginger is cultivated in various countries in Asia and South America, as well as in Australia, Nigeria and France. The majority still comes from India, where 250,000 tons of ginger are grown per year.

The now world-famous superfood turns out to be a versatile all-rounder, both in the kitchen and in natural medicine. Particularly in Ayurvedic medicine, ginger is very significant and is used in prevention, to alleviate diseases and to generally strengthen the immune system.

Organic regenerative cultivation in one of THE world's biodiversity hotspots.

The ginger plant is a tropical medicinal plant that grows up to 1.5 m tall and visually resembles reeds. Its close relatives include other superfood plants such as turmeric and galangal, which also belong to the ginger family. The ginger plant consists of a thick, robust rhizome (rhizome = the ginger root), from which many shoots come off. This structure has allowed the plant to adapt optimally to its environment. While the stems are exposed to occasional weather extremes or are eaten by animals, the valuable root tuber always remains protected underground. Although the leaves and flowers of the plant are also used in cooking and medicine, the root tuber forms the delicate heart of the plant and is the basis from which our powder is made.

We source our organic ginger powder from Ric's Farm in Costa Rica, near the Pacific coastal town of Uvita. The land is characterized by incredible fertility and abundance, reflected in seemingly endless shades of green and countless species of animals and plants - a Garden of Eden for all botanists and nature lovers. Driven to create a global movement of positive change and establish new standards of quality in the industry, he and his team are dedicated to the organic regenerative cultivation of diverse precious medicinal plants on some 43 hectares of land here. The richness of the soil, the high rainfall rate, and the opportunity to work and learn in an intact and exceedingly vital ecosystem were key drivers for the conscious decision to settle here and establish a farm.

The renunciation of any additives of a chemical nature, the conscious selection of natural cultivation aids as well as the constant thought of the reduction of waste materials characterize the daily thinking and actions of the team. For a long time Ric has been particularly interested in the dynamic relationship between man and the environment and the potential that nature provides for our physical and psychological health as well as for our spiritual (consciousness) development (whether through the observation of natural principles of nature or through the inner experience of psychoactive agents). A matter that he wants to understand more and more through direct experience and pass on through his active initiative in educational projects. You can get more info about Ric and his farm here.

After the medicinal and spice plants are harvested, Ric and his team carefully process them. First, the plant components used (here the roots) enter a processing plant, where they are washed and inspected. They then enter a cutting machine and are processed into fine powder. After sterilization, the powder is collected in containers and dried before finally undergoing a final quality test and then being released for consumption. The fact that the ginger is not heated during the entire production process and that a cold water cooler is used even for the grinding process means that all the nutrients in the tuber can be retained.

Recognized medicinal plant with a long tradition

The ginger root contains more than 400 different ingredients and is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. These include plenty of vitamin C, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, sodium and phosphorus. Furthermore, valuable essential oils and healthy pungent substances such as gingerol (one of the main active ingredients) are contained, which give the plant its typical taste and offer many health-promoting effects.

While Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine have already sworn by the healing effects of ginger for thousands of years, these were also confirmed by the 'Committee for Herbal Medicinal Products' a few years ago. The scientifically working expert committee of the European Medicines Agency has classified it as 'generally recognized for medicinal purposes' and even named it medicinal plant of the year 2018.

Studies by the Royal College of Physicians and the National Center for Biotechnology show that ginger can help alleviate various diseases such as digestive problems, colds, nausea, Alzheimer's disease, osteoarthritis and rheumatism. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are due to the contained gingerol, which has a structural similarity to conventional painkillers. The active ingredient curcumin has a positive effect on nerve cells, as their repair and detoxification can be supported and protected from oxidative stress. Regular consumption of ginger is said to increase the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are of great importance for psychological well-being. Furthermore, ginger is said to help reduce LDL cholesterol. Due to its antibacterial nature, it can also help reduce flu symptoms such as cough and fever. The production of saliva, bile and gastric juices stimulated by ginger makes the stomach empty more quickly and aids overall digestion. Due to the overall stimulation of metabolism, the root is also sometimes referred to as a fat burner. In fact, the basal metabolic rate is said to be increased by the consumption of ginger, even if only slightly. In any case, it is certain that it strengthens the immune system and provides a pleasant inner warmth.

In Ayurveda, ginger is said to have balancing properties. Thus, it can reduce excess Kapha (sluggishness) and counteract effects of excess Vata (digestive problems, pain, cold).

As a freshness highlight of all your food & drinks

There are endless applications for our organic ginger powder. With its lemony, spicy aroma and fiery heat, it is not only excellent as a spice in Asian dishes such as soups, curries and chutneys. Ginger is also an exciting highlight in baking, for refining desserts or for light summer dishes. Drinks are also great freshened up by adding a little ginger powder, whether in warm form or in iced tea on hot summer days. Do you find it hard to get going in the morning? Then try a crisp ginger shot! With newfound vitality and fresh breath, nothing will throw you off track anytime soon thanks to this booster.

For all DIY fans among you: even for homemade beauty products ginger can be used in many ways: in the face mask for a radiant complexion and a clean skin or in the shampoo for a healthy scalp.

.. refresh yourself & lift your spirit!

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Organic ground ginger
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica
From 32,50 
29,50  /kg
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