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Let the sun shine on your dishes

Indian sun flake salt

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  • From a unique sea salt cave in the northeast of India
  • Perfect addition to your cocoa ritual
  • Delicious crunchiness
  • Almost no residual moisture
  • Enrich your culinary creations
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Indian sun flake salt

Every pinch of these precious salt flakes adds a touch of exclusivity to your dishes

Our Indian Sunflake Salt is carefully extracted by hand from a unique sea salt cave in northeast India.

In this mysterious cave, the sea water evaporates, leaving behind a fine layer of salt that looks like delicate ice crystals. In the process, the salt crystals crystallize into small hollow pyramids that develop a delicious crunchiness when bitten into.

Discover the perfect addition to your culinary journey with our Indian Sun Flake Salt, which also combines harmoniously with our delicious raw cocoa. Like a dance of flavors, this salt combines the intense flavor nuances of raw cocoa with a delicate note of salt that will enchant your senses.

In the art of raw cocoa preparation, various spices play a crucial role in developing the full aroma and depth of the cocoa experience. From the sweetness of vanilla to the piquant heat of chili - and of course the balanced hint of salt.

Our Indian Sun Flake Salt gives the raw cocoa a shimmer of salt that highlights the other flavors and completes the taste.

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Indian sun flake salt
From 10,80 
11,90  /kg
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