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One of the most important medicinal plants of Ayurveda

Organic Ashwagandha ground
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica

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  • 'The Queen of Ayurveda'
  • Medicinal herb from the whole, dried Ashwagandha root (no extract).
  • particularly high content of various withanolides (main active ingredient)
  • 100% pure natural product without additives
  • organic regenerative cultivation & fair trade
  • gentle drying & fine grinding
  • raw food quality

Ashwagandha from Costa Rica

With a long tradition, Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to promote vitality and well-being;

Ashwaganda, also known as sleeping berry, is one of the most important medicinal plants in Ayurveda. In its regions of origin in Asia and Africa, it has been cultivated and used for medicinal purposes for over 3000 years. It is especially known for its stress-relieving, energy-giving and concentration-enhancing effects. In our often stressful daily lives, the dream herb continues to grow in popularity for improved sleep quality. Suyana's Organic Ashwagandha is gently prepared from the entire root of the medicinal herb, which contains a particularly large number of health-promoting active ingredients. It is characterized by an exceptionally rich nutrient profile and the highest purity and quality; from cultivation to grinding to the mode of action.

Through a controlled organic regenerative cultivation process in fruitful green Costa Rica, industry pioneer Ric and his team are setting new standards of quality and sustainability in the medicinal plant segment on a global scale. In the midst of beautiful and diverse nature, characterized by immense vitality and biodiversity like in hardly any other place, they are committed to a worldwide change in consciousness in the name of the co-evolution of man and nature with their strong orientation towards socio-ecological values.

Whole root power of the bright red sleeping berry

Ashwagandha plant is a 90-180 cm tall evergreen shrub with velvety leaves and yellow bell-shaped flowers, in which bright red berry fruits develop. The word Ashwagandha means, mutatis mutandis, 'smell of the horse', which is due to the typical smell of the plant roots. The meaning of the Sanskrit name of the plant - Withania somnifera - on the other hand, not only sounds much more appealing, it also already reveals about the dreamlike properties of the plant. Withania stands for the plant genus, while somnifera means sleep-bringing.

For the production of ashwagandha powder, both the roots and the leaves of the nightshade plant are usually used. However, since extracts from the leaves of the plant often contain high concentrations of withaferin A, in contrast to those from the roots, the consumption of these is increasingly discouraged. The reason for this recommendation is that withaferin A has a cytotoxic effect, i.e. it acts as a cell poison. Suyana's Ashwagandha powder consists exclusively of the dried roots of organically grown plants and is an absolutely pure natural product without any additives. It is not an extract, but is made from the whole root mass, so it contains many valuable ingredients.

Also known as sleeping berry, winter cherry or Indian ginseng, the plant originated in Asia, but is now found in various tropical and subtropical regions. Its berries are visually reminiscent of physalis and are also surrounded by a paper-like sheath. Even though they look very appealing externally with their orange-red luminosity, the berries are very bitter internally and thus inedible. Under the ground, the plants form thick roots with a whitish-brownish hue, which are rich in numerous secondary plant compounds and promise various health-promoting effects.

Organic regenerative cultivation in one of THE world's biodiversity hotspots.

We source our ashwagandha powder from Ric's Farm in Costa Rica, near the Pacific coastal town of Uvita. The country is characterized by an incredible fertility and richness, which is reflected in almost endless shades of green and countless species of animals and plants - a Garden of Eden for all botanists and nature lovers.

Driven to create a global movement of positive change and establish new standards of quality in the industry, he and his team are dedicated to the organic regenerative cultivation of diverse precious medicinal plants on approximately 43 hectares of land here. The richness of the soil, the high rainfall rate, and the opportunity to work and learn in an intact and exceedingly vital ecosystem were key drivers for the conscious decision to settle here and establish a farm.

The renunciation of any additives of a chemical nature, the conscious selection of natural cultivation aids as well as the constant thought of the reduction of waste materials characterize the daily thinking and actions of the team. For a long time Ric has been particularly interested in the dynamic relationship between man and the environment and the potential that nature provides for our physical and psychological health as well as for our spiritual (consciousness) development (whether through the observation of natural principles of nature or through the inner experience of psychoactive agents). A matter that he wants to understand more and more through direct experience and pass on through his active initiative in educational projects. For more info on Ric and his farm, click here..

After the medicinal and spice plants are harvested, Ric and his team carefully process them. First, the plant components used (here the roots) enter a processing plant, where they are washed and inspected. They then enter a cutting machine and are processed into fine powder. After sterilization, the powder is collected in containers and dried before finally undergoing a final quality test and then being released for consumption. By not heating the ashwagandha during the entire production process and even using a cold water cooler for the grinding process, all the nutrients in the root can be preserved.

Traditional Ayurvedic plant for resilience and focus

With a long tradition, Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to promote vitality and well-being; physically to strengthen and mentally to calm. The best researched group of active ingredients of the plant so far are withanolides, which are alkaloids that belong to naturally occurring steroids. So far, 40 different withanolides have been identified in ashwagandha. They are significant for humans because they can have a strong effect on the organism even in small amounts. Like caffeine, for example, these substances are therefore often used as stimulants or as active ingredients in medicines. In the meantime, there are already countless studies dealing with the therapeutic use of alkaloids. Various studies have concluded that they have analgesic, anticonvulsant and sleep-inducing properties. Other secondary plant compounds of Ashwagandha are saponins (bitter substances foaming in liquid), tannins, flavonoids as well as lots of iron.

Probably the best known property of Ashwagandha is its sleep-promoting effect. It is considered an effective herbal alternative to sleeping pills, assisting in falling asleep and improving sleep quality. Taking ashwagandha can also contribute to general internal calming, as the adaptogen increases stress resilience and makes the human organism more adaptable. Regular intake can lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. At the same time, the level of DHEA hormone can be increased, to which anti-stress and anti-aging effects are attributed. The CRP level, which reflects inflammatory reactions in the body, may also decrease.

In addition, it has already been proven that various signs and consequences of high stress levels can be reduced by supplementing ashwagandha. These signs and consequences include increased cortisol levels, impaired concentration, irritable bowel symptoms, loss of appetite, tremors, sweating, depressive moods, anxiety, and increased sensitivity to pain.

Another well-known use of ashwagandha is the regulation of hormone balance. In naturopathy, it is often recommended as a dietary supplement for hypothyroidism, as it is said to stimulate the hormone production of the Thyroid. Furthermore, the herb is said to increase the production of testosterone and thus increase male fertility.

As Ashwagandha can improve concentration and short- and long-term memory, it is further said to be effective for the purposes of prevention and treatment of dementia. By relieving joint pain and improving mobility, it is traditionally used in Ayurveda to treat rheumatism. In addition, ashwagandha can increase muscle mass and strength, speed recovery, and improve endurance. The plant is further credited with positively influencing the regulation of blood sugar levels, contributing to hematopoiesis, and being neuroprotective. Due to its antioxidant properties, it is said to inhibit inflammation and may even assist in the treatment of cancer. Overall, the traditional plant is considered to strengthen the immune system and in this sense can positively affect the general vitality.

Our recommendations for use

The best way to take the Suyana Ashwagandha powder is to stir it into a liquid of your choice. Water as well as fruit juices or smoothies are best suited, whereby a slightly sour or fruity taste of the drink pleasantly regulates the dominance of the bitter substances contained in ashwagandha.

For optimal absorption of the active ingredients, we recommend that you do not take the powder directly with a meal, but ideally before. The recommended daily dose is 250 - 600 mg per day and can be divided into two times (for example, in the morning and evening).

If you want to make use of the sleep-promoting effect of ashwagandha in particular, you should take the powder before going to bed. Perhaps you would like to make a homemade Ayurvedic nightcap? For this, you can simply stir a little balancing spices of your choice such as turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom (a list of spices & their effects can be found here) and, if desired, a little sweetener together with the Ashwagandha powder in warmed oat milk - a tasty invitation to the blissfully calm land of dreams.

…sleep blissfully & lift your spirit

Experience our Suyana (medicinal) plants

Organic Ashwagandha ground
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica
From 32,50 
28,00  /kg
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