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Turmeric can increase memory, relieve anxiety and counteract depression

Organic ground turmeric
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica

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  • long tradition in TCM & Ayurvedic medicine
  • manifold applicable
  • pleasantly spicy taste with slight pungency
  • above-average curcumin content
  • 100% natural product
  • organic regenerative cultivation & fair trade
  • gentle drying & fine grinding
  • raw food quality
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Turmeric from Costa Rica

In Ayurveda, turmeric is considered balancing and harmonizing for all constitution types (meaning for all human conditions).

Turmeric, also known as goldenseal, is a plant from the ginger family and originates from India and Southeast Asia. With its spicy flavor, slightly bitter-earthy and at the same time sweetish aroma and a bit of pungency, it is used in the kitchen as a versatile spice. Due to its various health-promoting properties, it has now become a well-known superfood and dietary supplement in Western societies as well. Especially skin, hair and digestion benefit from the golden spice, but also numerous diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer and heart problems can be prevented by its use.

Suyana's organic turmeric powder comes from controlled organic regenerative cultivation and has been gently processed to preserve the first-class nutrient profile with a variety of valuable ingredients as well as the full flavor intensity. Compared to conventional organic turmeric powder, it convinces with an enormously high proportion of curcumin, the main active ingredient of the root, which is attributed various healing effects. Through their special cultivation process in the fruity green Costa Rica, industry pioneer Ric and his team are setting new quality and sustainability standards in the medicinal plant segment on a global level. In the midst of beautiful and diverse nature, characterized by immense vitality and biodiversity like in hardly any other place, they are committed to a worldwide change in consciousness in the name of the co-evolution of man and nature with their strong orientation towards social-ecological values.

The orange-golden sister of ginger

Turmeric (Curuma longa) is a flowering plant of the ginger family. Due to its intense and strongly coloring main active ingredient curcumin, it is sometimes also called Indian saffron. There are around 100 species of turmeric worldwide, of which Curcuma longa is the best known and most widely used. The rhizomes of the turmeric plant, which lie under the ground and are also visually very reminiscent of ginger, are used. In comparison, however, the turmeric root is thinner and rather orange, while ginger has a beige-yellowish color. Via the Silk Road, the precious tuber reached the Mediterranean region from China and India, where it quickly became very popular.

Organic regenerative cultivation in one of THE world's biodiversity hotspots.

We source our organic turmeric powder from Ric's Farm in Costa Rica, near the Pacific coastal town of Uvita. The country is characterized by an incredible fertility and richness, which is reflected in almost endless shades of green and countless species of animals and plants - a Garden of Eden for all botanists and nature lovers.

Driven to create a global movement of positive change and establish new standards of quality in the industry, he and his team are dedicated to the organic regenerative cultivation of diverse precious medicinal plants on approximately 43 hectares of land here. The richness of the soil, the high rainfall rate, and the opportunity to work and learn in an intact and exceedingly vital ecosystem were key drivers for the conscious decision to settle here and establish a farm.

The renunciation of any additives of a chemical nature, the conscious selection of natural cultivation aids as well as the constant thought of the reduction of waste materials characterize the daily thinking and actions of the team. For a long time Ric has been particularly interested in the dynamic relationship between man and the environment and the potential that nature provides for our physical and psychological health as well as for our spiritual (consciousness) development (whether through the observation of natural principles of nature or through the inner experience of psychoactive agents). A matter that he wants to understand more and more through direct experience and pass on through his active initiative in educational projects. For more info on Ric and his farm, click here..

After the medicinal and spice plants are harvested, Ric and his team carefully process them. First, the plant components used (here the roots) enter a processing plant, where they are washed and inspected. They then enter a cutting machine and are processed into fine powder. After sterilization, the powder is collected in containers and dried before finally undergoing a final quality test and then being released for consumption. The fact that the turmeric is not heated during the entire production process and that a cold water cooler is used even for the grinding process means that all the nutrients in the tuber can be retained.

Harmonizing medicinal plant with far-reaching action potential

Turmeric is rich in numerous nutrients. Contained are iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and vitamins B1, B2 and C. Other components are essential oils, resins, proteins and the main active ingredient curcumin. Due to the highest quality and gentle manufacturing processes, Suyana's turmeric powder is characterized by a particularly high proportion of this ingredient. The turmeric root also consists of about 10% fat, which favors the absorption of the only slightly water-soluble curcumin. For optimal bioavailability, turmeric should therefore always be taken in combination with a little fat and black pepper. The piperine contained therein can also significantly increase the curcumin absorption capacity.

Overall, numerous health-promoting properties are attributed to turmeric. Due to the comparatively still relatively thin study situation, the profile of the healing effects of this plant has not yet been comprehensively researched. Nevertheless, the regular intake of turmeric definitely seems to have an effect in practice.

The orange root has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. It has a protective effect on the intestine and a positive influence on the intestinal flora. The formation of digestive juices and bile is stimulated and digestive processes are thus supported. Furthermore, turmeric is said to lower cholesterol levels and is good for the cardiovascular system and a healthy liver. It can also be used to relieve arthritis and clear the respiratory tract. Furthermore, turmeric is said to be able to protect against eye diseases and dementia. Some sources claim it even has anti-cancer potential. All in all, the super tuber is said to have an immune-boosting and vitalizing effect on the entire organism. Did you know that the color of food can also reveal something about its effect? Yellow as a color stands for creativity, the intellect, light, warmth and positivity. So it is not surprising that studies show that turmeric can increase memory, relieve anxiety and counteract depression.

In Ayurveda, turmeric is considered balancing and harmonizing for all constitution types (human conditions). Both in Ayurvedic medicine and in TCM, turmeric has been a proven remedy for thousands of years.

Our recommendations for use

As a spice, you can add our organic turmeric powder to pretty much any dish of your choice. Turmeric is well known as one of the basic ingredients of curry mixtures. Whether it's added to vegetables, soups, rice or potato dishes, the powder's slightly earthy, spicy flavor will round out all your dishes and give them a pleasant touch of heat. When added to baked goods, the slightly sweet, subtly tart notes and bright color of the powder also come across very nicely. Together with our ginger powder you can easily prepare a super delicious, warming Golden Milk. Of course, you can also add the turmeric powder to other drinks like tea and smoothies. Keep in mind here that the curcumin is hardly water soluble and is best taken together with a little fat and black pepper for good usability. A wonderful combination in this context and at the same time a harmonious taste experience offers you the addition of the powder to a high-quality cocoa, as you find it in our online store.

Due to its strong coloring properties, curcumin is also used as a dye and can be found in many foods such as pasta, sauces and potato products. Outside the kitchen, you can also make your own DIY textile dye and make your clothes or other fabrics shine sunny yellow in no time.

Stirred with a little water, you can further use the plant ideally as a face mask for a pure and shining skin appearance. In its native countries, turmeric is also used in dentistry. In this country, too, there are more and more dental care products with added curcumin. The reason for this is that the substance is said to relieve swelling in the mouth and have a positive effect on the oral flora, so that the risk of tooth decay can be reduced. In addition, turmeric is considered a natural whitening agent and is said to ensure a radiant white smile. So...

..shine bright & lift your spirit!

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Organic ground turmeric
From regenerative-ecological cultivation in Costa Rica
From 32,50 
27,00  /kg
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